Shady Source Says Kanye West Is Apparently The ‘Neighbor From Hell’ In Malibu Neighborhood


Is Kanye West a horrible neighbor? One report lists the many ways West is making life for his Malibu compatriots a nightmare. Let’s examine the rumor and see if there’s anything to it.

‘Kanye Neighbor From Hell’

According to Life & Style, construction on West’s new Malibu mansion is disturbing the neighborhood. He’s shelling out $57 million for beachfront property only to tear it apart. “I paid a lot of money to live here, and the noise from the construction is unbearable,” a neighbor says.

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“There are vans blocking the streets and camera crews and helicopters flying everywhere. Whenever Kanye’s around, he just sits outside, blaring music,” the neighbor explains. Residents have gone so far as to file official complaints with the Malibu City Council. The previous house was beautiful, but West apparently turned it into an eyesore. Another neighbor concludes, “Kanye is used to getting whatever he wants, but he can’t control the city council.”

How Is Kanye West Actually Doing?

These supposed neighbors paint a pretty hilarious image. Apparently, there’s chronic construction and media attention as West just sits outside blaring music. Why would West blast his music during active construction? Surely the noise distortion would be especially unpleasant for the Love Guru star. Anyway, we have no idea if West is a good neighbor or not. That said, this story isn’t exactly convincing. West is hardly the only millionaire whose house is under construction, so why is he getting singled out? 

It’s true that West gutted his property, but he’s got ideas. Famous architect Tadao Ando is assisting in the redesign. While it’s far from completion, this is just how it goes when you rip a home apart.

It’s perfectly logical for neighbors to be livid over protracted construction next door, but the little details just don’t add up. Are we really supposed to believe multiple neighbors, millionaires who can afford beachside mansions in Malibu, are going to drop everything and talk to Life & Style for a hit piece? It feels more like this tabloid just noticed the ongoing construction and built a narrative around it.

How Many Neighbors From Hell Are There?

The whole “neighbor from hell” angle is just that: an angle. It’s used by this very tabloid constantly. It already called Angelina Jolie a terrible neighbor who let her kids run roughshod. It called Prince Harry and Meghan Markle unneighborly because they attract copious cameras. That’s not in their control, and their neighbors live acres away.

Lest we forget, Life & Style promised West and Kim Kardashian would reconcile, but they never did. It recently claimed West firing his lawyer would hurt Kardashian, but the opposite is more accurate. We certainly wouldn’t want to live next to West, but rich neighbors also don’t usually go to tabloids with noise complaints.


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