Shady Source Says Renee Zellweger Supposedly Refusing Friends’ Pleas To Break Up With Ant Anstead Amid Custody Battle


Are Renee Zellweger‘s friends urging her to give up on her romance with Ant Anstead? One tabloid claims the actress’ closest pals want her to run for the hills. Here’s the latest gossip about Zellweger and Anstead’s whirlwind romance.

Renee Zellweger ‘Stands By’ Ant Anstead?

This week, the National Enquirer reports Renee Zellweger is determined to stay with Celebrity IOU: Joyride star Ant Anstead, even as he barrels ahead with his bid for full custody of his 2-year-old son with Christina Hall. And since Zellweger and Anstead have been going steady for a year now, sources warn she’s going to get sucked into the legal battle.

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“It’s a messy custody case with a lot of drama that could drag on for months, if not years,” an insider squeals. “Renee’s friends are telling her to run the other way—because she’s certainly going to be dragged into court to testify, and she doesn’t need that in her life!” But sources say the Bridget Jones’s Diary star is just too stubborn to take their advice. “She believes she and Ant were meant to be together,” the tipster insists.

Zellweger Insists She’s ‘Going To Marry’ Anstead?

After diving into this story, all we’re left with are questions. First off, what kind of “friends” run to a disreputable tabloid with their concerns instead of going to their close pal directly? Despite the magazine’s insistence, we’re absolutely certain that it has no connection to Renee Zellweger, Ant Anstead, or their social circles.

Furthermore, why would anyone close to Zellweger urge her to abandon Anstead just because he’s seeking custody? Surely, they just want her to be happy, and she certainly seems to have found that happiness with Anstead. Just last month, the TV personality posted an adorable photo of himself and Zellweger cozied up on some beach chairs. In the caption, he called his partner “Pure. Class.”

So, we ask again, who in the world would want Zellweger to give up her loving relationship just because Anstead wants custody of his son? It’s such a bizarre story. And when you factor in how long it’s been since we’ve had any updates about the custody case—there have yet to be any hearings since the motion was filed back in April—we’re just left grasping at straws as to what this story was trying to accomplish.

More Renee Zellweger Gossip

This is far from the first shake-down Zellweger and Anstead have gotten from the tabloids. Last year, the National Enquirer claimed Zellweger was driving Anstead off with her narcissistic tendencies. Then Star reported Anstead’s ex-wife was warning Zellweger about the host. And finally, the very same tabloid claimed Zellweger was getting cold feet about their relationship and decided to slow things down. Clearly, gossip magazines are fascinated by the couple. Unfortunately, not a single one has any meaningful insight to share.

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