Shady Source Says Salma Hayek Supposedly Hooking Tom Cruise Up With Single A-Lister

Is Salma Hayek playing matchmaker for Tom Cruise? One tabloid claims Hayek wants to set Cruise up with a good friend of hers. Here’s what we know about Hayek’s big romantic scheme.

Salma Hayek Helping Tom Cruise Find ‘Happily Ever After’?

This week’s edition of New Idea reports Salma Hayek is determined to find Tom Cruise the perfect date. “Tom isn’t thrilled about being single at 60,” an insider confides. And, according to the article, Hayek knows just the woman for the Top Gun: Maverick star. The tipster dishes that Hayek wants to set Cruise up with her friend Angelina Jolie. And since neither of the three-time divorcees have found significant romance since their last marriages, sources say the A-listers just might go for it. “Angie envies how Salma found a worldly soulmate and would love that type of guy for herself,” the snitch concludes.

Is Salma Hayek Really Playing Matchmaker?

Anything is possible, but this story just seems too unlikely. First of all, the outlet simply saw that Salma Hayek and Tom Cruise recently grabbed dinner. And since the Frida actress has been working with Jolie over the past few weeks on a new film, the magazine clearly decided to draw this flimsy connection between the two single celebrities. And while it would certainly be one of the most unexpected and attention-grabbing celebrity couplings Hollywood has ever seen, we aren’t making our “Tangelina” shirts just yet.

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Furthermore, we doubt Jolie and Cruise have been abstaining from publicly dating anyone because of a lack of worthy suitors. Both of the A-listers could surely land impressive dates if they so chose, and we seriously doubt they need Hayek to play matchmaker for them. And on a side note, we even recognize the outlet’s quote about Jolie’s desire for a “worldly soulmate” from a report from Star that we easily debunked. Unsurprisingly, that story makes no mention of Cruise.

And finally, Jolie and Hayek have far more pressing matters to discuss than Tom Cruise. Jolie is writing, directing, and producing her latest film and cast Hayek in the lead role. While it’s true that Hayek and Jolie are friends, we seriously doubt the actress would derail Jolie’s attention from the film to land her an extremely high-profile date with a random A-lister. It just doesn’t add up.

More Tom Cruise Tales From The Tabloid

When New Idea brings up Tom Cruise, we know to tread carefully. Earlier this year, the outlet reported Cruise was reuniting with Suri after spending 10 years apart. Then the publication alleged Katie Holmes rejected Cruise’s $90,000 birthday gift for Suri. And more recently, the magazine claimed Cruise was leaving Scientology to reunite with Suri. Since none of these stories turned out to be genuine, we’re highly skeptical of anything the magazine says about the Mission: Impossible star.

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