Shania Twain Channels Her Inner Drag Queen In New Music Video


Shania Twain is back and bolder than ever. In her latest music video, the country icon is nearly unrecognizable. It’s clear that Twain is taking her career in a new direction with her first project in five years.

Shania Twain Drops First Single In Five Years

Shania Twain is at her most fabulous in her new music video for her comeback single, “Waking Up Dreaming.” The video is an ode to all things ’80s. It opens with Twain rocking purple sequined pants, a ruffly white shirt, an absolutely massive pink wig, and dramatic false eyelashes. Her neck is draped in a dazzling chandelier necklace. The look is pinned somewhere between the glamour of modern drag and the swagger of hair metal bands.

In the video, Twain is reimagined as the lead of an all-girl rock band. The video alternates between Twain singing in her dressing room to her rocking out on stage with her fellow Gen-X band members. The video is intermittently blinded by neon lights, drenching the frame in a nostalgic ’80s color scheme. Sometimes, the video shifts in and out of focus, just to enhance the retro feel.

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It’s Twain’s lyrics that drive home the theme of this video: Just have fun and live life to its fullest. “So let’s start waking up dreaming / And dress up crazy like superstars / There ain’t no shaking this feeling / Tonight we’re making our way to Mars,” she sings as she takes the stage in a gorgeous red wig and sparkly green jumpsuit.

A New Direction For Shania Twain

In an interview with CNN’s Chris Wallace, Twain gave a bit of insight into the future of her career. “It is a long way from country,” she said of her new single. “It’s high-energy boppy-poppy. In the video, I’m very much playing superstar, I am dressing up. And having a lot of fun with fashion and looks like never before. It’s indulgent for me.”

Twain talked about needing a fresh start after years of hardship. Since the early ’00s, Twain has struggled with Lyme Disease. It affected her singing voice and she even endured on-stage blackouts. Amid her health troubles, she found out her husband was having an affair with her best friend. “Music was always my great escape but because I couldn’t sing during that time, I didn’t have an escape anymore,” Twain confessed.

However, in a fitting turn of events, she ended up marrying Frédéric Thiébaud, the ex-husband of the woman that her former husband had been having an affair with. “I’m getting to the bottom of how to get my voice back again and I’m feeling empowered. I’m remarried. My husband is an incredible support,” Twain said. “I’ve got an incredible son, so I’m starting to feel my life is coming back together in a very bright and sunny way.”

It certainly shows in her music. This latest single is nothing but brightness and positivity, and we’re absolutely here for it!

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