Shocking Rumor Claims Tucker Carlson Apparently ‘Smashing The Scales’ After Gaining 20 Pounds


Is Tucker Carlson‘s inner circle worried about his recent weight gain? One tabloid claims the popular pundit is “seeking comfort in the bread bin.” Here’s what we know.

Tucker Carlson ‘Handles Stress With Gluttony’?

This week, the National Enquirer reports Tucker Carlson is feeling the heat at his job, and he’s coping with unrestrained portions of junk food. “He’s looking pudgy and doughy and no amount of contouring makeup or camera angles can hide it,” an insider confides. “He likes to keep his weight around 190 pounds and he’s even gotten as low as 180, but he’s well over 200 now and his weight is only going up.”

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And sources say the stress of Carlson’s most recent controversy is getting to him. “Tucker’s full of bravado when the cameras are on but privately, he’s using carbs to cope,” the tipster muses. “He’s gorging on mashed potatoes and spaghetti and meatballs. He’s eating the stress away and it looks awful on him!” The source goes on: “He stuffs his face with sugary treats before the sun is even up. He’s bloated and puffy and it’s only getting worse!”

Carlson ‘Stuffs His Face’ First Thing?

Here’s the thing: Tucker Carlson being wrapped up in controversy isn’t a new thing. The popular pundit continues to draw in so many viewers because of his divisive takes. So, we seriously doubt he’s too stressed about recent backlash. And even if he was feeling tense, we have no reason to believe his only avenue for coping would be binging sweets. This is a tale as old as tabloids themselves, and we have no reason to trust it.

There are many things someone could criticize Carlson over—and rest assured, his critics don’t hold back. But to ridicule him over his weight is pointless and it sets a bad precedent. And, despite his checkered public image and supposed weight gain, Carlson still sits at the top of the network news food chain. So, reports like these are simply body-shaming for the sake of body-shaming and we’re not here for it.

More Weight Crises From The Tabloid

This is far from the first time the National Enquirer has run this schtick. Last year, the outlet reported Vin Diesel’s loved ones were worried about his “exploding waistline.” Then the magazine claimed Gwen Stefani was worried about “doughy” Blake Shelton. The publication also alleged “hefty hermit” Jack Nicholson was sparking health fears. And most recently, the tabloid asserted that George Clooney had let himself go. Obviously, the Enquirer loves to shame celebrities the moment they put on a couple of pounds.

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