Shoppers Rave About This Detoxing Scalp Oil That Helps To Stop Hair Loss


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Supplements and shampoos are just some of the many products available on the market today that claim to increase hair growth. However, when it comes to true hair growth, you must start from the very root of the source, your scalp.

It goes without saying that, even if you manage to find other hair growth products or techniques whose results are promising, you shouldn’t ignore your scalp when it comes to hair health. In the end, proper scalp care is crucial.

Imagine your scalp as soil and your hair as a garden. At the end of the day, a healthy garden cannot grow without good soil. In the same way, healthy hair depends on a healthy scalp.

There may be a link between disturbances to scalp health and issues such as dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis. Unfortunately, some of these conditions and failure to maintain good scalp health can lead to hair thinning and hair loss. Plus hair can become frizzy and be prone to breakage and feel dry.

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Fortunately, there are ways to enhance your hair’s growth with moisturizing essential oils that have been proven to nurture and hydrate your scalp. Well known for their high-quality and effective products, Rene Furterer has a stimulating pre-shampoo scalp treatment that shoppers say has life-changing results. 

Known as the ‘secret’ to a healthy scalp as well as shiny and bouncy hair, the Complexe 5 Stimulating Plants Concentrate from Rene Furterer is the first step that you must take against hair loss and scalp thinning. Besides restoring balance, the warming oils help to boost the penetration of active ingredients found in other Rene Furterer hair care products.

Lavender and orange essential oils work harmoniously to detoxify and nourish your hair, scalp, and overall hair health. In addition to its calming properties, lavender oil is an effective way to gently cleanse the hair and promote the proper conditions for long-lasting, healthy-looking locks. Moreover, orange oil soothes, revitalizes, and purifies the scalp, allowing it to maintain a healthy appearance.

Reviewers on Amazon are raving about the Complexe 5 Stimulating Plant Concentrate. In fact, it’s even hairdresser approved! “After being on propecia for 6 years, and having hypothyroidism for decades. This stuff works. I use it, and would only recommend things to clients I believe in.” 

The comments from other reviewers overwhelmingly agreed that the product is amazing! “Hair isn’t falling out as quickly as it was before. Noticed a difference after about 4 weeks. I use it twice a week. And makes your hair super shiny!” One reviewer said. “This is a great product for dry, puffy, frizzy hair. Calms my hair right down and gives it a lovely condition,” said another. 

Per the brand’s instructions, the Complexe 5 Stimulating Plant Concentrate works great as a pre-shampoo detoxing scalp treatment. For even better results, pair this treatment with Rene Furtere shampoo and conditioner, such as their widely popular TRIPHASIC Strengthening Shampoo and TRIPHASIC Detangling Conditioner.

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