Shoppers Say StriVectin’s Tightening Neck Cream Works Wonders On Aging Skin


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We often focus the bulk of our daily skincare routines on our faces. But as we age, the delicate skin of our neck and décolleté deserve some love too.

The skin on these areas is actually finer than the skin on the face and is usually the first part of our bodies to show signs of aging. The neck and its 26 muscles are responsible for performing numerous everyday functions—breathing, chewing, stabilizing the head, and, of course, tilting the head down so we can look at our texts.

All that constant movement does a number on the neck and upper chest. With time, wrinkles and sagginess will start to develop. There’s also the issue of the neck having fewer sebaceous glands than the face, which are essential for maintaining the skin’s natural hydration by secreting sebum.

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Without an abundance of this natural emollient, the skin dries out more quickly and is more vulnerable to sun rays, wind, cold, and other elements. As a result, your neck and décolleté will likely be the first place that lines, wrinkles, welts, and pigment spots appear on your aging skin.

The good news is there are multiple products on the market that address this universal sign of aging. One to consider is StriVectin’s TL Advanced™ Tightening Neck Cream, made specifically for your neck and décolleté.

This best-selling luxury cream is a wrinkle and brightening treatment made with peptides, hyaluronic acid, and a ceramide blend that features StriVectin’s “breakthrough Gravitite-CF Lifting Complex.” The formula claims to improve skin elasticity, provide visible lift, correct the look of uneven tone and texture, and smooth the appearance of neck lines and sagging.

In clinical testing reported by StriVectin, 90% of participants showed tighter, more lifted skin and improvement in horizontal lines and crepiness, while 92% showed more even skin tone on the neck and décolleté after using the TL Advanced™ Tightening Neck Cream Plus for eight weeks.

Many shoppers seem to agree.

“I’m about to be 45 and noticed some weird [crepey] skin in the middle of my neck—it was super noticeable when I ate or drank—so I became really embarrassed to meet people for lunch,” one reviewer wrote. “I ordered this cream 30 days ago and the results are astonishing.”

“I’ve been using this neck cream for a few years now. When I first started using it I thought it was just like any other neck cream. Little did I know how effective it would be,” another reviewer noted. “My neck had become dark with rings around it. After [a] few weeks of use, I looked in the mirror and the darkness was gone and the rings were reduced. I will not be without this neck cream.”

To incorporate the TL Advanced™ Tightening Neck Cream Plus into your skincare routine, StriVectin recommends applying a thin layer twice a day to clean skin. Gently massage in an upward motion around the jawline and on the neck, and in a circular motion into the décolleté.

While the cream does come with a hefty price tag, it is important to note StriVectin is an award-winning skincare brand that prides itself on science-backed solutions for changing and aging skin.

In particular, StriVectin’s prized achievement is its patented NIA-114™ technology, which is an optimized form of niacin. Also known as vitamin B3, niacin is a key compound the body uses to keep the skin healthy. The brand also pledges to use independent clinical testing for all its finished formulas.

It is precisely this research and dedication to proven products that have propelled the brand into one many shoppers know and trust. And with their TL Advanced™ Tightening Neck Cream Plus, it just might be the part of your skincare routine you’ve been missing.


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