Should You Rock Long Or Short Hair? Use Two Pencils To Find Out

Your haircut and style are matters of personal preference. However, it’s hard to dispute that some people look adorable with short hair and others seem to look better with longer locks.

It can be difficult to know whether or not to take the plunge, as it can so tempting to do a big chop when you’ve had long hair for most of your life. Luckily, a Suggest editor stumbled upon a video that claims all you need are two pencils and a ruler to find out what hair length suits you.

Posted by Act+Acre on Saturday, August 27, 2022

Helen Reavey, hairstylist and trichologist who we recently covered for her genius hair washing hack for extra volume, shared a video showcasing how to measure the bottom half of your face to see what hair length to go with. She used two metal straws, but you could use pencils, pens, or in my case paintbrushes to measure.

Place one pencil pointing down under your ear. Then place the other pencil pointing horizontally underneath your chin. Mark the spot where the horizontal pencil meets the vertical one, then measure from that point to the end of the vertical pencil. If it is under 2.25 inches the rule says that you can rock short hair, but if it’s longer than 2.25 inches, long hair suits your face.

This is the “2.25 rule” coined by the world-renowned hairstylist John Freida. He invented the rule as a fool-proof guide for hairstylists to ensure as flattering of a cut as possible based on the client’s face shape.

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When I measured my length, to my dismay, mine measured at exactly 3 inches, just like Reavey. In the past, I have had pixie cuts, bobs, and shags but as of now, I’ve settled into a longer style with curtain bangs. And it’s probably my favorite style to date. So the “rule” does kind of make sense.

Celebrities that epitomize this rule include Halle Berry, Michelle Williams, and Katie Holmes with under 2.25-inch measurements. They all look great with shorter hair. While Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Kardashian, and Liv Tyler look the best with long locks.

The Long And Short Of It

However, there is so much to consider when deciding what haircut and style suit you and your lifestyle. Even if you don’t fit the “right measurements” you could love the ease and look of short hair. Hair texture, density, personal style, and face shape are also considerations when thinking about cutting your hair.

Regardless, hair grows back, and if you feel the need to go for a cute bob, lob, or pixie, go for it! Likely no one will be lurking around trying to measure your face.

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