Show Gossip Says Joy Behar Apparently Wants Whoopi Goldberg Fired So She Can Take Over ‘The View’


Is Joy Behar trying to reclaim control of The View? One tabloid claims the veteran host wants Whoopi Goldberg gone. Here’s the latest gossip about the staple daytime show.

Joy Behar Wants Whoopi Goldberg To ‘Disappear’?

This week, the Globe reports Joy Behar has it out for her longtime co-host Whoopi Goldberg. Apparently, Behar wants to take over Goldberg’s moderator position by the end of the summer. “Joy’s been quietly campaigning for Whoopi’s removal,” an insider confides. “She’s said for months now Whoopi’s a liability and it’s in everyone’s interest if she gets greased so the rating can improve and they can bring in new talent.”

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The magazine notes that Behar is the last remaining member of the original panel, and fans have been wondering when she’s planning to bid the show goodbye. But sources insist that her primary goal is to outlast Goldberg. “She says she still has plenty of fight left in her and she’ll be damned if Whoopi’s cranky, self-obsessed stupidity is going to see her walk away from the best gig she’s ever had,” the tipster attests.

Is Joy Behar Out To Get Whoopi Goldberg?

While the report droned on about how badly Joy Behar wants Whoopi Goldberg to get canned—even claiming she wants it done by the end of the summer—it never gave any indication of how she planned to do it. Badmouthing is nothing new at the tumultuous TV show, and surely Behar knows that won’t get to Goldberg. So, we ask one last time, how is Behar planning to push Goldberg out?

The truth is that she isn’t. In fact, Behar’s beef has never really been with Goldberg. They’ve shared the panel for the last 15 years, and they seem to have a fairly smooth dynamic. We’re sure Behar isn’t suddenly making it her mission to get Goldberg fired when, as the tabloid hints, these could very well be her last years at the show. Besides, one look at the tabloid’s past reporting shows a major tendency to exaggerate the drama over at The View.

More ‘View’ Drama From The Rag

This is far from the first story of its kind that we’ve busted from the Globe. Before Meghan McCain’s exit, the magazine claimed Goldberg was quitting because of the host’s controversial takes. Then the outlet reported Goldberg was close to collapse due to ongoing health issues. And more recently, the publication alleged Sarah Haines and Sunny Hostin were conspiring to get Behar fired. We’re certainly skeptical of anything the Globe says about the daytime show.

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