Show Rumor Says Mayim Bialik Apparently Refusing To Allow Ken Jennings To Take Over ’Jeopardy!’

Is Mayim Bialik desperately trying to hold on to her Jeopardy! hosting gig? According to one report, Bialik is letting producers know that she’s not leaving without a fight. Here’s the latest gossip about the landmark game show.

Mayim Bialik ‘Won’t Go Quietly’?

This week’s edition of the Globe reports Mayim Bialik plans to fight tooth and nail for the full-time Jeopardy! hosting gig. According to the report, Bialik is doing everything in her power to make sure the show doesn’t fall into the hands of her rival co-host Ken Jennings. “She’s feeling threatened by Ken more than ever,” an insider dishes. “He’s supposed to be on hiatus, but bosses are dangling him in front of the fans and pitting him and Mayim against each other. It burns her that everyone is making it look like audiences prefer Ken.”

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And sources say Bialik is starting to feel insulted by the show’s tactics. “She has a degree in neuroscience and she’s not going to be a part of their mean mind games,” the source attests, adding that Jennings has been watching closely to make sure he catches all of Bialik’s mishaps. “Mayim’s sick and tired of smug Ken laughing at her while sitting in the sidelines during his break.”

Mayim Bialik Tired Of ‘Mean Mind Games’?

This is one of the laziest pieces we’ve seen from any tabloid. First of all, Jennings isn’t “waiting in the wings” for Bialik to slip up. The host went on hiatus in May for undisclosed personal reasons but returned on July 18. The tabloid had full access to this public information but omitted it to make it seem like Jennings was somehow leveraging his absence to get a leg up on Bialik.

But that isn’t the only important news that the magazine missed. As announced by showrunners on July 27, there is no more competition for a permanent hosting role. According to producers, this co-hosting system has been working, and both Jennings and Bialik are going to permanently split hosting duties. It didn’t even take any magic insight to get this info—all it would have required was a Google search. But, unsurprisingly, the Globe couldn’t even muster that level of investigative prowess.

More ‘Jeopardy!’ Gossip From The Rag

We’d expect nothing less of the Globe. Ever since Bialik and Jennings started sharing hosting duties, the tabloid has been three steps behind on its reporting, sharing one blatant lie after another. For example, back in June, the magazine claimed producers were warning Bialik that she was losing the battle for the permanent hosting gig. Then the publication even reported producers were begging Jennings to save the show from Bialik. Obviously, the Globe isn’t in the loop at all when it comes to game show gossip.

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