Sketchy Gossip Says Jennifer Garner Supposedly Refusing To Marry Longtime Partner After Ben Affleck’s Wedding

Is Jennifer Garner guiding her life by the decisions of Ben Affleck? One report says the Elektra star is refusing to marry John Miller because Affleck just tied the knot with Jennifer Lopez. This certainly sounds far-fetched, so let’s look into it.

‘Bennifer Blows Hole in Garner’s Love Life’

According to a story in the National Enquirer, Garner and Miller remain unofficially engaged but nothing more. Lopez’s wedding has apparently put any plans for an elopement of her own on ice. Affleck shocked the world—and supposedly Garner—when he and Lopez eloped in Las Vegas. A source says, “Jen had no idea they were going to elope and that threw her for a loop.”

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The issue isn’t love or attraction, they explain, as Garner wants to spend the rest of her life with Miller. The insider concludes, “She’d marry him tomorrow, but the whole circus with Ben and J.Lo really gets under Jen’s skin!”

How Is Jennifer Garner Doing?

This story’s very short because it has absolutely no evidence to back it up. All we get are some vague quotes from so-called sources about how Jennifer Garner feels upstaged by Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. Where’s the proof of this? The 13 Going On 30 star leads a very private life and she hasn’t said anything about their wedding.

The Enquirer knows how private Garner is because it calls her and Miller “unofficially engaged.” Let’s get this straight: These sources are close enough to Garner to reveal how petty she is about Affleck’s wedding but don’t know for sure what her engagement status is?

For months, it was unclear if Garner and Miller were even an item. They were recently spotted on a walk this week for the first time in five months and showed no sign of PDA. Garner’s likely been too busy to care about Lopez’s wedding anyway. She’s working with Save the Children on flood relief efforts in Kentucky.

Where Have We Heard This Before?

Just last week, this tabloid announced Jennifer Garner was shaken to the core by Jennifer Lopez’s wedding. Since some of Garner and Affleck’s kids were in attendance, that’s pretty much impossible. Before that, Garner was supposedly melting down when Lopez and Affleck got engaged. There’s absolutely no sign that she has any issues with Affleck’s love life.

This outlet once announced Garner and Miller split up, only to reunite because he bought her some pricey gifts. Garner’s worth $80 million, so she can buy her own nice things. What’s more likely: that Garner is living her life based on what Affleck does or that this tabloid is just full of it and wants to stoke conflict? Since there’s not one iota of evidence, we think it’s the latter.

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