Sketchy Rumor Claims Julia Roberts Worried About Ex’s New Memoir


Is Julia Roberts worried one of her ex-boyfriends is going to spill all the dirty details of their time together? According to one tabloid, a highly anticipated memoir has Roberts sweating bullets. Here’s what we know about Roberts’ alleged fears.

Julia Roberts ‘Panicking’ Over Ex’s Tell-All?

Back in 1995, Julia Roberts made a guest appearance on the beloved sitcom Friends. Playing an ill-fated love interest to Matthew Perry’s Chandler Bing, their chemistry was palpable. The two went on to privately see each other for about a year after the episode aired, but they quietly called things off in 1996.

But according to the latest edition of New Idea, Roberts doesn’t want people to find out what was going on behind closed doors during their relationship. And now that Perry is penning a memoir, Roberts is reportedly terrified of the secrets Perry could uncover.

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“Julia is worried about how much Matthew’s going to spill,” an insider squeals. “Along with Jen [Aniston], she’s another one on the list of people who want to see an advance copy of the memoir. She’s notoriously protective of her private life and there’s a very good reason why she and Matthew kept their relationship quiet.”

Apparently, Roberts was devastated after her split from Perry, and those are painful memories that she’d rather not relive. “There were secrets between them from that time, mistakes he made,” the tipster notes. “The last thing Julia wants is to be painted as some sad, heartbroken nurse.”

Roberts Demanding Advance Copy Of Perry’s Memoir?

Being an A-lister and dating other famous people pretty much ensures that your personal information could be spilled at any moment. Julia Roberts has been a staple in the tabloids for years, and while she’s still beloved by the public, she’s no stranger to some unflattering publicity. So, is she sweating Matthew Perry’s new memoir? Well, we can’t really say.

But if she was terrified of certain details coming out about her relationship with Perry, she wouldn’t go around announcing those fears to people. That’s almost as bad as just admitting to the things she’s supposedly trying to hide.

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And that brings us back to this vague quote: “There’s a very good reason why she and Matthew kept their relationship quiet.” So, what is it? Surely, if this “insider” really did have some dirt to spill, they would have spilled it on the spot. But since the tipster stuck to indistinct, ominous warnings, it’s clear the magazine was trying to invent drama where there was none.

More Julia Roberts Gossip From The Tabloid

Of course, this is far from the first time Woman’s Day has far overestimated its insight into Julia Roberts’s personal life. Late last year, the outlet reported Roberts and her husband were on the brink of divorce over a disagreement about where to live. Then the magazine claimed Roberts was worried sick about her niece Emma. And most recently, the publication alleged Roberts’s wedding anniversary was ruined by internet drama surrounding her husband’s ex-wife. So, we have a hard time buying anything New Idea sells about Roberts.

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