Sketchy Rumors Say Whoopi Goldberg Supposedly Being Forced Off ‘View’ By Joy Behar, Apparently Wants Network Payout

Precious few morning shows cause more drama than The View. Lately, rumors regarding hosting decisions and whether or not all the cast members despise each other have been popping up. Are Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar trying to stab each other in the back? Let’s review some of the View rumors making the rounds.

Joy Behar Wants Changes

Per the Globe, Behar wants Goldberg to disappear. She was apparently actively campaigning for Goldberg to leave the show. A source said, “She’s said for months now Whoopi’s a liability and it’s in everyone’s interest if she gets greased so the rating can improve and they can bring in new talent.” Even though Behar is an elder statesman, they said, she will not allow Goldberg to ruin the show.

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In reality, the story never bothered to explain how exactly Behar would force Goldberg out. The two have worked together for 15 years now and have never had any real beef on the air. We just did not buy that Behar was harboring this much hatred because the tabloid could produce no proof whatsoever.

Whoopi Goldberg Vs. The World

After an irresponsible comment about the Holocaust, Goldberg was suspended for two weeks from The View. According to the National Enquirer, Goldberg felt invincible upon returning. Another source explained, “She’s been strutting around like a peacock because she knows she’s unfireable at this point.” Her co-hosts, meanwhile, supposedly felt she was bossy and wanted her fired.

After her scandal, Goldberg did not sound especially arrogant. All legitimate reports announced folks at the show were happy to have Goldberg back. The Sister Act star gets along swimmingly with her co-hosts, so this whole story rang hollow.

Making Big Demands

Just a few weeks ago, the Globe reported Goldberg was ready to walk unless the powers that be opened up their wallets. The Ghost star was supposedly caving in to critics pining for her exit, but she wouldn’t go quietly. “She wants a hefty payoff to leave or else she’ll stay and make everyone miserable,” a source said. “She’s laying down the law—treat her fair and she’ll leave quietly. If not, they’ll have a mad hornet in their hands.”

If Goldberg wanted to leave, then why would she have signed a four-year extension last September? Ratings go down when she leaves the desk, so why would producers want her gone? The whole story simply did not add up. It’s hard to remember a time when Goldberg wasn’t at the center of The View, and that’s not changing anytime soon, despite these rumors.

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