Sketchy Source Claims Tom Hanks

Is Tom Hanks losing it? One report says his health is worse than he’s letting on. After yelling at fans during an outing with Rita Wilson, he’s set tabloid tongues wagging. Here’s what we know.

‘What’s Really Wrong With Tom?’

Per New Idea, Tom Hanks’ nice guy reputation may be gone for good after an unfortunate incident in New York City. Fans and photographers rushed Hanks and Rita Wilson, causing Wilson to nearly fall. Hanks yelled “Back the f*** off” before entering his car. While the Toy Story 2 star certainly has folks supporting his response, friends are calling the incident concerning.

“Tom’s very aware of his Disney and family-friendly rep, and knows it’s his bread and butter,” a supposed “long-time pal” tells the outlet. “He’s never yelled at a fan, let alone swore at one. In fact, this is probably the first time most of his friends will have heard him use the F word.” The friend thinks Hanks may have been on edge, because blowing up like that is “so unlike Tom.”

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Between millions speculating about his health, and the exhaustion from the Elvis publicity tour, his family is apparently worried for Hanks’ health the tabloid continues. It even mentions Hanks’ type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Some think he’s better off retiring altogether than maintaining this breakneck pace. An insider close to Wilsons says there’s no chance of that, but she’s “hoping to convince him to do one less film per year than usual.

Tom Hanks Is Totally Fine

First of all, it’s not hard to find footage of Hans swearing. Here’s a delightful clip from Good Morning America where he let an f-bomb slip accidentally.

He also said the f-word numerous times in Saving Private Ryan, so let’s not act like he just swore for the very first time. This tabloid gives these photographers far too much credit. Hanks kept a cool head until they bumped Wilson, nearly causing her to hit the concrete. He lost his temper and that was the end of that. As Cracked noted, the incident only helped Hanks’ reputation.

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Later that very week, Hanks appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert where he appeared no worse for wear. If his health was really declining, then he wouldn’t be doing this much press in the first place.

We also must mention the painfully obvious: real friends don’t talk to tabloids. New Idea acts as if it has unparalleled insight into Hanks and Wilson’s lives, but no one in their inner circle would ever betray them to an outlet like this.

Rotten Reputation

About a year ago, this outlet tried to invent a conflict between Hanks and Priscilla Presley. Apparently, Presley refused to leave him alone during the Elvis shoot, but there’s no evidence of that. We also debunked its stories about Queen Elizabeth stepping down and Nicole Kidman’s exhaustion. Stories of declining health are just typical fodder for this outlet, so you shouldn’t give this story a second thought.

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