Sketchy Source Said John Travolta Was Being Romantically Pursued By A Fellow Celebrity Scientologist Last Year

Is John Travolta getting back into the dating game by romancing an old co-star? Around this time last year, one tabloid claimed the Grease star’s newest celebrity suitor was a blast from the past. Let’s take another look at Travolta’s love life.

John Travolta Dating Again?

Last July, the Globe reported John Travolta was ready to find love again after the tragic passing of his wife, Kelly Preston. And sources spilled that the first person to reach out to him just so happened to be his old Look Who’s Talking co-star, Kirstie Alley. As the outlet recalled, Alley admitted in the past to having feelings for Travolta during their time working together. “I almost ran off and married John,” Alley confessed. “I did love him, and I still love him.”

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And, according to the article, Alley isn’t going to miss her chance to reconnect with her old crush. The actress was apparently hatching a “secret plan” to get back into Travolta’s life. The actress had just recently put her homes on the market and planned to settle down in Wichita, Kansas. And sources said she still planned to spend her summers in Clearwater, Florida near Scientology’s headquarters. And, as it just so happened, near Travolta’s own Florida residence.

“John lives just a two-and-a-half-hour drive away in Ocala, but he’s often in Clearwater to visit the church’s headquarters and, of course, Kirstie goes there too,” the tipster explained. “She and John have been talking on a regular basis and they are planning to get together this summer… And who knows… the two seniors could end up spending their golden years together.”

Kirstie Alley Conspiring To Date John Travolta?

We knew this outlet was full of it right from the start. First of all, we were certain Alley didn’t have a “secret plan.” She wouldn’t move to a city two hours away from Travolta just for the slim chance of crossing his path. The tabloid seemed to understand how ridiculous this notion was as well and switched to a tale about how Travolta and Alley were already talking. The outlet’s inconsistent narrative made it impossible to trust.

Furthermore, you can’t hold Alley to feelings she said she had over 30 years ago. Neither she nor Travolta has ever hinted at pursuing a romance in the present day. Travolta hasn’t been connected to anyone since Preston’s passing in 2020. From what we can tell, Travolta is only worried about taking care of his children. Most recently, the actor was spotted on a Parisian getaway with his daughter, and we’re sure his old Look Who’s Talking co-star was the furthest thing from his mind.

More Dubious Gossip From The Tabloid

Of course, we’d expect nothing less from the Globe. Back in 2020, the magazine claimed Travolta was quitting acting in response to his wife’s tragic death. Then the outlet reported Kirstie Alley’s friends were worried for her health after she gained a bit of weight. So, we’re immediately skeptical of anything the Globe reports about Alley or Travolta.

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