Sketchy Source Says Blake Shelton Supposedly Hates Gwen Stefani’s Plastic Surgery Obsession

Is Blake Shelton fed up with Gwen Stefani? One report says the No Doubt singer’s love of plastic surgery is forcing Shelton away. Our gut says this story is just a hit piece bashing Stefani’s appearance. Let’s dive into this rumor and see what we can learn.

‘Call The Love Doc!’

According to the National Enquirer, Shelton and Stefani’s once hot romance has cooled considerably. Stefani supposedly wants to call a love doctor to help them figure out their lack of intimacy. A source says, “They went into this marriage with the idea that their sizzling attraction would last forever, but work, kids, and other things have gotten in the way of that.”

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To make matters worse, they say, Shelton’s weight gain and Stefani’s plastic surgery has turned both of them off. An insider calls the plastic surgery “a real turn-off for Blake and he’s begged her to stop… but Gwen won’t listen.” Stefani’s calling an intimacy coach to whip them into shape. “She misses those love notes she used to find in the most unusual places and just wants more attention,” a source concludes.

Is Gwen Stefani Calling Dr. Love?

We’re pretty wary of any story which takes the time to insult its subjects. The Enquirer labels Stefani as desperate for attention and says “Blake’s gotten lazy and gained weight.” Real news stories generally don’t use that kind of language.

Anyway, Shelton and Stefani recently celebrated their anniversary. Each made Instagram posts to mark the occasion. Shelton wrote, “Happy anniversary to the woman that makes my world go round.. @gwenstefani, because of you, this year has been the best year of my life. I love you!!!! Thank you for saying yes!”

Calling it the best year of his life certainly makes it sound like they’re doing great. Stefani posted a video with the caption, “1 year down, forever to go.” You can’t read words like this and conclude the two are disgusted by one another. Stefani and Shelton are obviously still in love, so this face-bashing story is bupkis.

Silly Stefani And Shelton Gossip

The Enquirer has it out for Shelton and Stefani. It recently announced Stefani was returning to The Voice strictly to save her flagging marriage. As we’ve already pointed out, their marriage is going swimmingly. Before that, it reported Shelton and Stefani were living separate lives. They’re doing The Voice together, so that’s just not true.

Stories are pouring in about Stefani’s plastic surgery addiction and how Shelton is disgusted by her. For months now, tabloids have latched on this narrative, yet the two are still happily married. Regardless of if Stefani had work done or not, Shelton is still delighted to be her husband.

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