Sketchy Source Says Britney Spears, Sam Asghari Apparently Regret Getting Married So Quickly


Did Sam Asghari and Britney Spears get married too quickly? One report says the newlyweds are already regretting their decision to walk down the aisle. This story sounds shocking, so let’s learn what’s really going on.

Britney’s ‘Marital Bliss Goes Up In Smoke!’

According to the National Enquirer, the honeymoon is over for Spears and Asghari, and both are seriously pondering what they’ve done. “They’re wondering if they jumped the gun and should have waited,” a source says. “But what’s done is done, and they’re trying to roll with the punches.” Spears is caught up in family feuds as well, which obviously isn’t helping matters.

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The insider argues that the wedding exemplified the ongoing feud between Spears and her siblings Bryan and Jamie Lynne. When Lynne commented how happy she was for her sister, Britney responded with a video featuring the words “don’t you ever forget how they gave you distance when you needed love.” Bryan insinuated he couldn’t make the wedding, but Britney made sure everyone knew he wasn’t invited in the first place.

Sam Asghari is apparently worried about being placed in a box by Britney. “He’s not a houseboy and doesn’t want to be seen as a trophy husband,” a source says. The two are also supposedly fighting over finances since their cash flow is stalled while house shopping. A source concludes, “Their to-do list is piling up all the time and spiraling out of control.”

Why Discuss Britney Spears’ Siblings?

Britney’s animosity towards Bryan and Jamie Lynne is deeply rooted in her tumultuous conservatorship. It also has nothing to do with the state of her marriage, so why does the Enquirer devote half its story to their bitterness? It’s a clever ploy to seem more legitimate. Quoting real drama makes the bogus stuff look more believable.

There’s no sign of any trouble between Britney and Asghari. Asghari told Good Morning America: “We imagined this thing being a fairy tale, and it was.” Britney Spears’ Instagram is loaded with PDA and intimate moments from their honeymoon. Even if money problems did await them someday, the two are obviously firmly in the honeymoon phase.

It’s worth noting the two did not rush into anything. Asghari and Britney wed as soon as she was legally allowed to, but they’ve dated since 2016. The tabloid deliberately fudges its timeline to suit its faulty narrative.

A History Of Britney Bashing

Back in 2019, this outlet announced that Sam Asghari had dumped Britney while she was committed to a mental institution. Considering they just got married, that was obviously made-up. We also never saw its promised Britney freedom bash she was supposedly planning to celebrate the end of her conservatorship.

For a more banal myth, the Enquirer promised Britney was pregnant in 2019, but we know for a fact that was not accurate. Clearly, this is not a valid source for any information about Britney Spears.


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