Sketchy Source Says Julia Roberts’ Husband Apparently Upset By Her Flirting With Co-Star

Are Danny Moder and Julia Roberts a thing of the past? One report says Roberts is openly flirting with a co-star because their marriage is over. Let’s investigate the story to see what we can uncover.

Julia Roberts’ ‘Love On The Rocks’

According to Us Weekly, Roberts is a bit too happy on the set of Leave the World Behind. The Netflix thriller stars Roberts opposite Ethan Hawke, a man she knows all too well. The two were romantically linked throughout the 1990s. “The chemistry between Julia and Ethan is white hot, and that has to be very tough for Danny to be aware of, especially when he’s 3,000 miles away,” a source says.

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Another source says Moder and Roberts stopped loving each other some time ago. “She doesn’t want to be embarrassed by a scandal,” an insider says. “She’s concerned about appearances.” Yet Hawke and Roberts are causing a stir just by getting along, something Hawke has apparently been wary of. Ever since they made headlines in 1994 for dancing, he’s “literally steered clear of teaming up with Julia for decades,” a source says.

While Roberts and Moder may not be getting along, don’t expect a divorce. It’s messy and the two are hoping to avoid it by any means necessary. An insider concludes, “Julia and Danny are wonderful parents and bound to each other in a very special way. There’s a lot of love there.”

Julia Roberts And Ethan Hawke: Ex-Lovers?

Us Weekly has a very long memory. Hawke and Roberts were photographed dancing at the Lola Restaurant in 1994. Roberts was pissed off about these rumors at the time. Roberts told Rolling Stone, “I danced. Is that a felony?” She clarified the rumors were absolutely bogus, adding, “I guess people have nothing better to do.”

Here we are nearly 30 years later and people still have nothing better to do. Moder and Roberts are happily married, as are Hawke and his wife of 14 years, Ryan Shawhughes. The outlet blows by Hawke’s marriage because it doesn’t fit neatly into its preposterous narrative. A cursory glance at Instagram proves Roberts and Moder are as happy as ever as they celebrate their 20th anniversary.

Roberts and Hawke are both adults, who have grown immensely since 1994. Evidently Us Weekly did not do the same. They are friends and co-stars but nothing more, so this story is totally false.

Bad Roberts Reputation

Back in March, this outlet claimed Roberts and Moder would divorce. They did not. It’s sad to see a magazine bereft of original ideas.

Moder is constantly framed as a jealous guy who can’t stand to see his wife work with other men. Hawke joins other stars like Richard Gere as well the unsurprising George Clooney as men Moder is supposedly seething at. He knows the difference between reality and fiction far better than Us Weekly.

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