Some Interesting FAQs On CBD Consumption


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We may all have our own share of questions when it comes to finding the right balance between the dosage, frequency of use and potency of our CBD products. The good news is, there is no ‘one size fits all’ criterion when it comes to CBD use. Each of us will have to individually figure out what combination of these factors would work well for us when it comes to our CBD therapy. Listed below are some frequently asked questions related to the optimal use of CBD products.

CBD has versatile benefits to offer the user. These can be reaped by ingesting a sufficient dose of the compound, or using it topically on an affected area to get relief. When ingested, the compound goes through the process of digestion, following which it is absorbed by the body. When applied topically, the compound acts as an analgesic, thereby numbing the pain or discomfort in the affected area.

CBD comes in many forms, out of which CBD oil is the most common and most popular. Like many other medications, CBD oil should also be kept in a cool, dark place, away from sunlight. Excess heat and excess cold may affect the composition of the CBD oil or the carrier oils, making its effects unpredictable. So, refrigerating, freezing or keeping warm is not an option for storage of CBD products. They are better left alone in a comfortable temperature, away from strong light.

This is a choice based on a number of criteria such as the intended purpose of taking the medicine and the effect it has on your body. For example, a person relying on CBD for insomnia is advised to take it in the evening rather than in the morning. Those who are aiming at increased alertness and productivity throughout the day better take their required CBD dose first thing in the morning. You can fix the time for intake after ensuring you are experiencing the exact effects expected from your CBD therapy.

CBD use and effects of the compound may vary considerably from person to person. Many factors such as the BMI of the user and their natural CBD tolerance level come into play in determining the compound’s effectiveness. Sticking to the same time and method of consumption can help maintain a healthy level of CBD in your body.

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