SPY, FUTU Gainers, Fresh Options Plays


Yesterday’s Big Runners: 

Yesterday morning, as is typical for our daily premarket reports, we included a selection of options ideas comprised of both quick-strike and extended-term ideas. There was a lot of good volatility in the markets yesterday, so the quick plays worked out beautifully, while the longer-term target will take some time to mature.

Our spur of the moment ideas were the SPY 06/06 $413-415 Calls and the FUTU Weekly $38.50-40 Calls. In both cases, we had multiple chances for beautiful multi-bag intraday gains. Despite the fact that we are going to see a tapering of earnings reporters in coming weeks, if we continue to see the type of volatility yesterday brought, we should have too hard of a time tracking down opportunities like these.

SPY 06/06 $413-415 Calls
 .49-1.44 (+194%)
$414: .30-.85 (+183%)
$415: .12-.46 (+283%)

FUTU Weekly $38.50-40 Calls
2.98-8.75 (+193%)
$39: 2.10-6.57 (+213%)
$39.50: 2.75-7.20 (+162%)
$40: 1.77-8.00 (+352%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
PLAY Weekly $38-39 Calls
ASO Weekly $34-37 Calls
GTLB 06/17 $40-45 Calls

KSS Weekly $45-46.50 Calls

Extended Watchlist: