Stacy London Is Closing Her Company After Two Years As CEO

Stacy London has always been in the business of making women feel their best. From her decade as a co-host of What Not To Wear to becoming CEO of State of Menopause, an online marketplace and community celebrating women in midlife and beyond, London has sought to empower and inspire. 

But now, the 53-year-old entrepreneur is changing how she makes that happen. While her goals to positively influence the way people feel about themselves remain the same (she called it being a “self-esteemist” in our October interview with London), her approach will be different.

‘My Interest Lies In Connecting Us’

London shared the news on a recent Instagram post, writing in the caption that “it has been my honor and privilege to be the CEO of this company for two years, and I believe together we have truly changed the narrative around menopause.”

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“The truth is that my interest lies in connecting us, in collaborating, in amplifying all the voices in this space,” London continued. “Product has not held the same interest for me personally. I love being brand agnostic! I feel confident there are companies that will easily fill the void of [State of Menopause] products.”

London was vague about why she was giving up her CEO gig and what was next. But in our aforementioned interview, London described unsuccessfully trying to sell a reality show about midlife transitions that would be similar in some ways to What Not To Wear. Let’s hope the networks are finally wising up.

The State Of Menopause Going Forward

Whether it’s a show, another brand, or something else, London was clear that she’ll continue to be in the trenches working on menopause awareness.

“[Menopause] is still a very stigmatized topic, very problematic, whether it’s a medical issue or a life transition,” London said in her video. “There’s a lot of complication and confusion around it that I really think can be solved with more communication and bigger communities and, certainly, most importantly, education.”

As for the State of Menopause brand? London says that the marketplace would honor all orders made through November 30th, but after that, the products will no longer be available. While London doesn’t reveal exactly what her plans are, it sounds like she’ll be improving the future state of menopause in one way or another.

“I will be out there advocating for everyone in terms of this issue, in terms of service available to you, in terms of products available to you. This is not an ending. Well, it is an ending,” London smiles. “It’s like menopause. It’s an evolution…a transformation. And it is the next thing that is coming for me.”

London ends her video with another round of thanks and a plea to investors to continue supporting companies around menopause and midlife. “We need you,” she implores. “This is a huge population of people with real questions that need to be answered both through clinical research and lots and lots of education.”

Knowing London’s track record, we can’t wait to find out what’s in store for her, and in turn for the midlife community.

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