Strange Gossip Says Chris Hemsworth Apparently Had To Get Elsa Pataky’s Permission To Do ‘Thor’ Nude Scene

Did Chris Hemsworth have to clear his upcoming nude scene in Thor: Love and Thunder with Elsa Pataky first? One tabloid claims Hemsworth needed his wife’s permission to bare all. Let’s take a closer look at the rumor.

Elsa Pataky Calling The Shots?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports Chris Hemsworth needed to get Elsa Pataky’s permission before stripping down in the latest Thor film. Sources say Hemsworth risked stalling production to make sure his wife was okay with him filming a nude scene, but as seen in the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, she apparently gave her husband the go-ahead.

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“Elsa wouldn’t dream of getting naked on film without first talking to her husband, and Chris feels the same way,” a snitch whispers. “She even worked out with him to make sure he was in peak physical form—which he certainly is!”

Elsa Pataky Helped Him Prepare For Nude Scene?

This report is extremely odd and invasive, but, nevertheless, let’s dive into the claims. First of all, the magazine alleges CHris Hemsworth wanted to run his nude scene by his wife first. We have absolutely no idea if this is true, and while it shouldn’t matter is Hemsworth consulted Elsa Pataky, we have no reason to trust the tabloid on this matter. Hemsworth is a professional actor, but if he was on the fence about something, it only makes sense that he would talk to Pataky about it. So, sure, the tabloid’s story is reasonable. But overall, it’s just a pointless matter to speculate on.

As for the source’s testimony that Pataky would never strip down for a scene before talking to Hemsworth, our research has certainly made us doubt this claim. Pataky has been in the business for far longer than her husband. So, it isn’t shocking to find out that the actress filmed multiple explicit scenes during her early days acting in Spain. Not to mention, she’s certainly barred all in her Netflix show Tidelands—a show that’s been singled out for its unbridled use of nudity. So, the tipster’s story about Pataky calling Hemsworth for the go-ahead every time she wants to film a nude scene seems dubious at best.

The Tabloids On Chris Hemsworth, Elsa Pataky

The National Enquirer is far from the first tabloid to miss the mark on a story about Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky. Last year, Woman’s Day reported Hemsworth and Pataky were caught in a public fight over their competing careers. Then New Idea claimed Hemsworth was upset with Pataky for speaking so openly about their marriage. And most recently, Star claimed Hemsworth and Pataky’s marriage was secretly struggling. Obviously, none of these tabloids is really clued into Hemsworth and Pataky’s marriage.

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