Suspicious Rumor Claims Jennifer Aniston Supposedly Abandoned Longtime Celebrity Friend

Did Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler have a falling out? One tabloid claims the famous friends no longer speak to each other. Here’s what we know about their alleged feud.

Jennifer Aniston ‘Hardly Speaks’ To Former Pal?

Per the National Enquirer, Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler have drifted apart. While sources can’t necessarily pin down what happened between the former besties, they’re certain Aniston and Handler no longer communicate. “There wasn’t a big fight or one explosive event,” a rat dishes. “No one knows what happened between these two, but once Jen allows you into her inner circle, you are there for life—unless something happens. Clearly, Chelsea said something that Jen didn’t like!”

Chelsea Handler Offended Jennifer Aniston?

So, are Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston not talking anymore? Well, the truth is that we really don’t know. But, really, there’s nothing strange about that. Handler and Aniston are grown women that live very busy lives. We don’t know every little detail of their personal lives, and we shouldn’t expect to. But just because they haven’t been seen together, that doesn’t mean there’s any drama.

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Oddly enough, this is far from the first time a tabloid has pushed a story like this. In fact, the magazines have been speculating about Handler and Aniston’s friendship for years now. Every time they go a bit without having a public connection, the tabloids start sounding “feud” alarms. And then, when they are seen together again, the tabloids scramble together a story about how they’ve made amends.

And back in 2019, Handler said in an interview that, despite the rumors, she and Aniston were still tight. “We are! We are! Don’t read those magazines! Don’t believe any of it!” Handler insisted. “We’re friends. Don’t worry… I love Jen.”

While they haven’t made any joint appearances or social media posts together in a while, we have no reason to believe they aren’t still friends. But, it’s also totally possible that they’ve drifted apart over the years—their friendship wouldn’t be the only one to fall victim to the isolating COVID-19 pandemic. But we just aren’t buying this story about their alleged falling out.

The Tabloid On Jennifer Aniston

Of course, we know better than to trust the National Enquirer anywhere Aniston is concerned. Last year, the outlet reported the Cake star was avoiding “disgraced” Jimmy Kimmel. Then the magazine claimed Aniston was expecting to make $10 million on her supposed upcoming memoir. And then the publication alleged Aniston was rejected by two of her exes in the last year. Obviously, the Enquirer is the last place we’d go for updates on Aniston’s social life.

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