Suspicious Source Says Madonna’s Exes Are Apparently Warning Her Newest Fling To Get Out While He Can


Is Madonna‘s ex-boyfriend warning her new beau to get out now? One tabloid claims the pop legend is “getting cozy” with another young artist. Here’s the latest gossip about Madonna’s love life.

Madonna’s ‘Act Is Getting Old’?

This week, the National Enquirer reports Madonna is eyeing up a famous musician after breaking things off with Ahlamalik Williams. Madonna met Williams, who happens to be 35 years her junior, while he was employed as her backup dancer. But now that the pair have called it quits, the article claims Madonna has moved on to Colombian singer Maluma. But sources say Williams and Madonna’s other exes are warning Maluma and her other prospective suitors to stay away for their own good.

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“They’re telling anyone who will listen they believe everything she says, does, wears, and bens are misguided messages to the public that she’s the same teen steam queen she was 40 years ago!” an insider confides. “Her exes have put the word out to any young stud looking for a good time that jumping into Madonna’s bed is signing up to be a part of a promotional freak show!”

Madonna’s Exes ‘Put Word Out’ To Stay Away?

This report is a bit bizarre, to say the very least. If multiple of Madonna’s ex-boyfriends were launching an organized effort to keep young men away from the platinum-selling artist, how is this the only outlet that knows about it? And how is the magazine incapable of providing a single example of these “warnings”? The outlet may have beef with Madonna, but it can’t blame that on the singer’s unsuspecting ex-boyfriends.

Furthermore, the magazine is basing this all on a photo of Madonna cozied up with Maluma. But as far as we can tell, there isn’t anything romantic brewing between the two musicians. In fact, Maluma has officially been dating Susana Gomez since December of 2021. So, we’re confident that the singer isn’t interested in Madonna, and the outlet sounded the alarms over nothing.

The Magazine On Madonna

Of course, the National Enquirer is constantly spreading misinformation about Madonna. Last year, the outlet claimed Madonna was fighting with her boyfriend because she refused to give him a raise. Then the magazine reported Madonna went on a $500,000 plastic surgery spree. And more recently, the publication alleged Madonna’s face was “disfigured” after extensive plastic surgery. Obviously, the Enquirer can’t be trusted to report accurately on Madonna.


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