Sustained Options Success, Fresh Plays

Solid Day for Options: 

While the markets still had a down day overall yesterday, they did open higher in the morning and exhibited some good volatility and decent intraday upswings. That activity aided our daily options trading selections, which put up some nice figures, and the chance for ourselves and our readers to take advantage.

Our designated targets for the day were the ORCL Weekly $70-72.50 Calls, the COP Weekly $110-112 Calls, and the FERG Weekly $100-110 Calls. We saw positive movement out of every individual contract set in those ranges with the one exception of the FERG $100’s, which didn’t register much activity. The other nine sets produced the following gain opportunities:

ORCL Weekly $70-72.50 Calls
1.11-2.14 (+93%)
$71: .71-1.55 (+118%)
$72: .45-1.06 (+136%)
$72.50: .39-.86 (+121%)

COP Weekly $110-112 Calls
$110: 4.19-6.23 (+49%)
$111: 3.75-4.86 (+30%)
$112: 1.55-2.11 (+36%)

FERG Weekly $105-110 Calls
$105: 5.10-7.30 (+43%)
$110: 2.15-2.60 (+21%)

Fresh Options Ideas:
SPY 06/15 $374-376 Calls*
FISV 07/29 $92-93 Calls
PCOR 07/15 $45-50 Calls

*Trading options on their day of expiration carries a higher risk level and should only be attempted by seasoned options traders.

ProText Mobility, Inc. TXTM – Update:

We just updated our readers on the recent movements of TXTM in yesterday’s premarket report, which we had seen run from a low of .0016 to .0049, and yesterday brought another session of huge volume and new highs for the stock, which hit .0073. That brings our overall observed range on TXTM to an impressive 356%

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