Sydney Sweeney Forced To Reckon With Issue Gen X Already Dealt With

Celebrities are careful about how they present their political affiliations to their fans, but Sydney Sweeney recently got slammed by the internet for sharing her family members’ political leanings. 

Sweeney Calls Backlash From Fans ‘Absurd’

It all started innocently enough. The Euphoria actress shared photos from a surprise birthday party for her mom. In the photos she posted, some of the party-goers could be seen wearing “Blue Lives Matter” shirts and parody MAGA hats with “Make Sixty Great Again” printed on them. 

Sweeney’s followers were quick to blast the actress for posting the photos, and many questioned her own political leanings. Sweeney’s only comment on the situation was a tweet that read, “You guys this is wild. An innocent celebration for my mom’s milestone 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention. Please stop making assumptions. Much love to everyone and Happy Birthday Mom!”

Fan Reactions: ‘You Should’ve Selected Other Pictures To Post’

However, this did nothing to stop the social media circus. “Then you should’ve selected other pictures to post that wouldn’t be left up to interpretation in this manner,” one person replied. “Lesson learned for you, I ‘assume.’”

“You’re not responsible for your family’s bigoted beliefs but it’s ridiculous for you to claim people are ‘making assumptions’ when the shirt literally is a political statement,” another wrote. Sweeney did have some supporters, though. 

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“I don’t understand why everyone gets so mad when they find out someone else has a different opinion on politics or is surrounded by ‘maga’ supporters,” someone tweeted. “What do you care if she is a conservative.”

Sweeney Is Not The First To Clash With Family Over Politics

While it’s unknown what Sweeney’s political leanings are—or if she sides with one party over another—this is not a new situation. Sweeney is hardly the first person who might have wildly different political opinions than their parents. 

For example, Gen X had their own struggles with their parents’ (Baby Boomer generation) politics. Different generations have always had to find ways to coexist with family members who think differently than they do. However, these days, social media has definitely complicated the situation. 

Sweeney has already made her thoughts on the “absurd” social media criticism clear, and it seems unlikely she will speak more deeply on the subject of her family’s political opinions. However, the actress might think twice before posting photos of family functions again.

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