Tabloid Claims Tom Hanks’ Rumored Health Fears Are Supposedly ‘Very Troubling’


Is Tom Hanks on death’s door? One rumor says his odd behavior is raising eyebrows, and his poor health may be to blame. Here’s what we know.

‘Tom Hanks Sparking Concern’

Per Us Weekly, fans of Hanks are concerned for his well-being after a clip of him went viral. He snapped at a group of fans to “back the f*** off” after they got in Rita Wilson’s face. A source says, “The footage of him shaking was very troubling.” Hanks is known to live with type 2 diabetes, and the source thinks it could be getting worse.

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“There’s no denying he’s lost a substantial amount of weight in a short amount of time,” the source says. “Privately, the word is that he’s okay.” He admittedly looked fine during a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, so the outlet suggests that maybe he was just having a bad day.

Don’t expect Hanks to apologize for his verbiage, a source concludes. “When someone invades his wife’s space, it’s crossing the line … there are no regrets about the way he handled it.”

Is Tom Hanks Okay?

We’ve got whiplash over how quickly this story changed its narrative. One moment, Tom Hanks is deteriorating due to diabetes, and the next, he’s actually doing totally fine. Most bait-and-switch stories would at least put a few paragraphs in between, but no: Within 2 sentences Hanks goes from losing weight fast to being okay.

As Us Weekly reports in its own story, Hanks is okay. He appeared on the Late Show and showed no sign of any health issues. While he’s being lambasted for his role as Colonel Tom Parker in Elvis, he doesn’t seem any worse for wear.

The tabloid also fails to accurately portray what happened between Hanks and fans in the first place. You can watch the video of Hanks for yourself. Fans and paparazzi caused Wilson to nearly fall down, which set Hanks off. The outlet willfully misrepresents what happened to make Hanks sound like the bad guy, but he certainly appears justified in his rage on film.

Other Tabloid Missteps

Us Weekly isn’t the least reliable celebrity news source in the world, but you can do better. It regularly relies on tropes instead of legitimate news. Case and point, it once again uses the star in bad health story here. Hanks now joins the club alongside Ryan Seacrest, Zac Efron, and Tori Spelling. Despite what this outlet would have you believe, all of these folks are doing fine.


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