Tabloid Gossip Claims Amal Clooney Apparently Ordered George To Clean Up And Get Back In Shape


Is Amal Clooney whipping George back into shape? One tabloid claims the action star has let himself go. Let’s take a closer look at the rumor.

Amal Tells ‘Tubby’ George ‘Shut Your Piehole’?

This week, the National Enquirer reports George Clooney is gaining weight while filming his new movie in London, and Amal isn’t happy about it. “George has really let himself go lately, plus he’s making poor diet choices and shrugging his shoulders like it’s no big deal,” an insider dishes to the tabloid. “His attitude is that at his stage of life he deserves a break, but it still gets him down looking in the mirror and seeing all the lumps and jiggly bits on his torso, which used to be toned like a Greek god!”

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And sources say Amal recently “underwent a massive makeover to inject some much-needed passion” into her marriage, so she’s apparently feeling slighted by George’s slacking off. “It’s frustrating for Amal, who wants the same excitement and spark between them when he takes his shirt off,” the tipster declares. “She’s keeping her side of the bargain and looking better than ever, so George embracing his flabby man bod is not cool!”

Clooneys’ Marriage Lacking ‘Passion’?

This report is absolutely ridiculous. First of all, how are we to believe this tabloid is talking to friends of the Clooneys? The dubious source has no problem relentlessly insulting George, making it clear that they have no love for the power couple. So, right off the bat, we were struggling to believe the tipster’s story.

Furthermore, we just aren’t seeing was the tabloid is seeing. The magazine used photos of George in three layers: a dark-colored shirt topped by both a puffer jacket and a neon vest. Of course Clooney was looking puffier than usual—it’s all in the outfit. But in more recent photos, the actor’s arms are looking as toned as ever. So, it truly doesn’t seem like the actor is skipping the gym.

But, why should it matter if he was gaining a bit of weight? The tabloid certainly has a shallow outlook on marriage to suggest Amal loved her husband any less for having a few too many cheat days. Besides, the couple certainly looked loved up on their recent trip to southern France. Obviously, this tabloid doesn’t know what it’s talking about.

More Clooney Gossip From The Outlet

This is far from the first time we’ve busted the National Enquirer for lying about the Clooneys. It wasn’t long ago that the outlet alleged Amal forced George to stop drinking. Then the magazine claimed George was worrying Amal by getting cozy with another actress. And more recently, the publication alleged the Clooneys were close to a $500 million divorce after “constant bickering.” We certainly aren’t taking the Enquirer‘s reporting on the Clooneys as gospel.

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