Tabloid Rumors Claim Jennifer Aniston Supposedly Forcing Out Longtime Friends, Apparently Being Abandoned By Social Circle

Is Jennifer Aniston running out of friends? The Friends star is bombarded by more tabloid press than nearly anyone else alive. Rumors are piling up about her getting abandoned by her social circle. Aniston sure doesn’t seem like a pariah, nor has she radically changed in the last year. Let’s check out a few of these stories to see what all the fuss is about.

Not Talking To Chelsea Handler

According to the National Enquirer, Chelsea Handler had a falling out with Aniston and no one can explain why. The former best friends apparently hardly communicated anymore. A source said, “No one knows what happened between these two, but once Jen allows you into her inner circle, you are there for life—unless something happens. Clearly, Chelsea said something that Jen didn’t like!”

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We have no idea if Aniston and Handler talk to each other, but we do know that Handler has personally denied this rumor in the past. In 2019, she said in an interview, “We’re friends. Don’t worry… I love Jen.” They have no projects together so there’s no reason to do press or make a spectacle of their friendship. No news doesn’t mean bad news.

Jennifer Aniston Can’t Trust Anyone

Per Woman’s Day, Aniston alienated her friends when she insulted TikTok. She told Variety that social media influencers were “diluting our actor’s job” by getting famous for nothing. The Office Space star faced backlash for her comments. A source said none of her friends “wanted to get involved publicly. It came as a real surprise to Jennifer, given she thought she had an extremely loyal crew and now she’s starting to doubt that.”

The tabloid lifted Aniston’s barb out of context, but she did face some social media backlash. The scandal had more to do with Aniston being out of touch than anything to do with her friends. Her pals had no reason to come to her defense because the whole incident blew over in a week. Aniston’s friends aren’t obsessively reading her Variety interviews in the first place.

Emmys Feud With Reese Witherspoon

According to Star, Reese Witherspoon’s Emmy nomination irked Aniston. The snub and jealousy were supposedly destroying an already fractured friendship. A source said, “Jen’s camp is privately briefing people that she wasn’t trying to get a nomination this year and is happy for Reese,” the source says, “but she’s fuming privately and very embarrassed.” Aniston’s friends were apparently privately rooting for Zendaya to win the award.

The Emmy Awards are a drop in the bucket next to Aniston and Witherspoon’s decades of friendship. Both actresses have signed on for the third season of The Morning Show and continue to seem happy in appearances together, and why do that if you hate each other? Aniston and Witherspoon are still friends, so this story was false.

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