Tabu Is The Refreshing Company Dedicated To Improving Sexual Health In Midlife And Beyond

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Let’s face it: When it comes to sex and menopause, society gets weird. More specifically, they get silent. Older women’s sexual health is often tossed to the wayside, despite them still being very much interested in sex, thank you very much. 

This is unsurprising given how warped women’s sexual health awareness is at all stages of a woman’s life. And while Tabu can’t solve decades of misinformation and less-than-stellar sex, it can at least kickstart a reawakening moving forward. 

Because, frankly, sex is like most other aspects of life—if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. As its name suggests, Tabu is here to turn the “taboo” topic of mature women’s sexuality on its head.

Sexual Health In Midlife And Beyond

As we age, our sexuality doesn’t disappear—it only changes as our bodies do. Dr. Barb DePree, OB-GYN and menopause care specialist, explains that genitals contain the most concentrated areas of estrogen receptors. Thus, depleting estrogen levels due to age have the biggest impact on the vulva, vagina, and lower urinary tract.

“The lack of estrogen in the bloodstream leads to a decrease in blood flow, causing decreased vaginal lubrication,” DePree says. “These changes can also cause the vagina to shorten and narrow, all of which can result in painful intercourse.” 

Even one painful romp in the hay can be enough to create a negative feedback loop in our heads. Our bodies remember sex as uncomfortable, causing our bodies to tense, which only worsens the pain. Eventually, some women might give up altogether. 

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Hormone and physical therapy treatments are potential solutions, but given the stigma surrounding sex in midlife and the busy schedule of most middle-aged women, these solutions can prove too time-consuming, expensive, or uncomfortable. 

Still, regular sex can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve sleep, lower the risk of disease and incontinence, improve body confidence, and help stabilize mood and relationships. To put it simply: Not doing it shouldn’t be an option. So, what is there to do?

A Modern Sexual Wellness Routine

Tabu organic lubricant and personal massager

Sexual wellness routines don’t have to be complex, expensive, or invasive. Instead, clinicians and therapists recommend only a personal massager and moisturizing lubricant. These aren’t the gaudy “toys” you’d find hiding at the back of a Spencer’s Gifts. “A massager isn’t a ‘sex toy,’ however playful we might be with it,” says DePree.

“It’s like a hearing aid (‘audio toy’), a cane (‘mobility toy’), or reading glasses (‘vision toy’). [These are] devices that help us mitigate the effects of growing older.” And mitigate they do—using a personal massager about three times a week can bring blood flow back to your vaginal muscles and reverse atrophy or vaginal tightness. 

Of course, not all personal massagers are created equally. That’s where Tabu really starts to work its magic.

Meet The All-In-One Tabu Kit

The Tabu Kit contains a soft-touch personal massager and organic lubricant. The massager is made of 100% medical-grade silicone and can be used externally (for clitoral stimulation—great for improving blood flow) and internally (great for reducing vaginal atrophy). 

The massager is also waterproof and features an optional warming system to further increase blood flow. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to grip, even for those with poor dexterity or flexibility. And finally, it has three speed settings. Don’t be fooled by the quiet motor, either—the Tabu massager is strong enough to overpower the decreased sensitivity that comes with age.

Additionally, Tabu includes an organic, nourishing lubricant jam-packed with heavy-hitting ingredients. The fragrance-free formula is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that protect against damaging free radicals.

Tabu’s silky lubricant contains pH-balanced, anti-inflammatory ingredients like aloe leaf, peony root, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and passion flower. Together, the massager and lubricant help women reconnect with their bodies, sexuality, and pleasure.

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‘Thanks To Tabu, I Discovered Myself’

Tabu’s founder and CEO, Natalie Waltz, created Tabu after speaking candidly with her mother about sex. The brand’s tag, “use it or lose it,” was a bit of advice Waltz’s mom had to offer the soon-to-be 30-year-old.

“I started Tabu for our moms, aunts, friends, and future selves,” Waltz explains. 

And by the sounds of the reviews, the ladies appreciate it. “Thanks to Tabu, I discovered my sexual self again after many years of celibacy,” one reviewer wrote. “At 60, I am finally learning that knowing yourself will make you a better you whether you have a partner or not.”

The professionals approve, too. “As a therapist, I think this is a good tool for helping clients develop a healthy sense of their body and sexuality,” another customer added. “It is non-threatening, and your booklet presents self-pleasure and discovery in a very positive, normalizing way. Sleek, discreet, and does the trick.”

And finally, the Tabu Kit can be an invaluable tool for those who have experienced hormonal complications due to other medical issues. “I went through treatment for breast cancer a couple years ago,” one reviewer commented. “After going through medically induced menopause, I can’t use anything with hormones. I have tried several different solutions, and this seems to be working.”

The Tabu Kit isn’t a hyper-sexualized, male-centric gag gift. It’s an ingenious tool for sexual wellness created by women for women—plain and simple. Get your kit today, and start reaping all the rewards your sexual reawakening has to offer.

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