Talks Supposedly Underway On New Title For Princess Charlotte That May Upset Edward


Months have now passed since King Charles III ascended to the throne, and yet the fates of many royal titles are still up for speculation. One of the most wondered-about titles has been the Dukedom of Edinburgh. Although royal watchers expected Charles to grant the dukedom to his brother, Prince Edward, new theories are arising as to who will actually inherit the honor. One rumor has even suggested that Charles is planning to bestow the title upon his granddaughter Princess Charlotte.

‘Discussions Are Underway’ Over Edinburgh Dukedom

Per the Daily Mail, while King Charles has stayed mum about his plans for the coveted Duke of Edinburgh title, sources say he plans to grant it to his granddaughter Princess Charlotte. Decades ago, King Charles promised to pass the title on to his younger brother, Prince Edward. Prince Philip, the last Duke of Edinburgh, made it known that he wanted his title to go to his youngest son once Charles ascended. However, royal wishes aside, there has never been any guarantee.

Now that Charles has become king, some royal observers have wondered why he’s stalled on his promise. It’s now understood that he likely has no plans to make Edward the Duke of Edinburgh. However, it’s unlikely that Charles plans to let the honor sit in abeyance. So, who will he make the next Duke of Edinburgh? According to the Daily Mail‘s inside source, “Discussions are underway, but the favored outcome for the King is that this title ought to go to Princess Charlotte.”

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Charlotte is currently the third in line to the throne, and the source speculates that’s part of the reason Charles is leaning in this direction. “It would be a fitting way to remember the queen—who, of course, had the title Duchess of Edinburgh—and a way for His Majesty to honor the line of succession,” the tipster confided.

A Historical Decision

Dukedoms are traditionally granted to the male members of the royal family. However, since new laws allow women to inherit the same honors as men, this means the title could very well go to Charlotte. “Charlotte’s position is historically significant because she is the first female member of the royal family whose place in the line of succession will not be surpassed by her younger brother,” the source reminded the publication.

“So it is constitutionally significant that Charlotte should be given such a corresponding title, because it is not beyond the realms of possibility that she will accede the throne if, for example, Prince George does not have children.”

Of course, these titles are usually reserved for royals’ wedding days. Prince William didn’t become the Duke of Cambridge until he married Kate Middleton, just as Prince Harry didn’t become the Duke of Sussex until his marriage to Meghan Markle. With that in mind, if Charles does plan to pass the Dukedom of Edinburgh on to one of his grandchildren, we likely won’t know for many years to come.

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