Taraji P. Henson Isn’t Letting Ageism Slow Her Career


Taraji P. Henson is speaking out about ageism in Hollywood. She’s had enough of the age limits put on the careers of female actors while men are able to be actors infinitely longer. Now in her 50s, the actress is holding nothing back when it comes to age bias on and off the screen.

In an interview with Refinery29, the award-winning actress opened up about her experience in Hollywood. Even though Henson is in midlife, she has a lot that she still wants to do.

Yes, she has already won multiple awards for her role in Empire. She has also received several nominations for the characters she played in movies. However, reaching her 50s doesn’t mean that she’s done. In fact, Henson shared that she’s just getting started.

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“I still feel like I have so much more to do,” shared the actress. “I’m a character actress. I have another fantasy role, heavy prosthetics. I want to not look like myself. I wouldn’t mind doing a Dr. Seuss story. I love the craft of acting and I don’t feel like I’ve done it all yet.”

‘Men Don’t Have An Age Limit Put On Them…Why Should Women?’

Henson knows that in Hollywood, age matters for women. “Men don’t have an age limit put on them at all,” she remarked.

“They don’t. I have not seen a man stop working because of his age. I haven’t even seen a man stop working because of his receding hairline or his beer gut.”

Although she has a lot left in her, the actress admitted that she’s still fighting to break through the age glass ceiling.

“So why should women have a limit? That’s what Viola [Davis], Regina King, and I are all fighting for: To break through that ceiling. We’re still talented, why should we stop working?”

Henson’s Surprisingly ‘Bad’ Dream Role

Henson is putting her money where her mouth is. The actress-producer isn’t going anywhere. She continues to portray various characters on television shows and movies. Plus, there’s one role that she’s always wanted to play but hasn’t yet had the chance to do so.

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When asked if there’s a dream role she has, Henson had a surprising answer. “You know what? I would love to play the female Joker,” she admitted.

“That is a character that I am obsessed with. And I would love to get a spin on a female version. Or just a villain. I’m always the good, strong, moral character. I want to be bad.”

Whether she plays the good character or the villain, Henson is sure to keep breaking through Hollywood’s age glass ceiling.

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