Teach your dog how to speak with dog talking buttons

You’ve probably seen it on TikTok. Adorable pups “speaking” with their owners by pushing buttons assigned to words. Dog talking buttons are just the cutest ways to communicate with your pup, and amazingly, dogs are so much smarter than we give them credit for.

But do they work? Why is everyone buying them for their dogs?

What are dog talking buttons?

Dog talking buttons are the latest trendy pet accessory available right now. They’re buttons you can set to play a recorded word. Your dog can then press if he or she wants whatever was recorded on the button. For instance, your dog may press the word “play” if they want to play. They can also ask that you two go for a walk if you have the word “walk” button for them to press — it’s an easier way for you to understand what your furry pal wants!

Why are pet owners obsessed with them?

We cannot emphasize enough how cool dog talking buttons are — they’re everywhere on TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook videos. Pet owners purchase them because they can finally decode the canine language. No more awkward staring, whimpering, or pacing from your fluffy friend’s side! Plus, you get to bond with them more as you train your pooch to use them.

What other products can my pets use?

There are countless dog talking buttons videos found all over social media and they’re almost always viral for a reason. If you go on TikTok and check #petsoftiktok, you’re guaranteed to find over a dozen other pet products that you can buy.

Your favorite online influencers are likely to introduce you to lots of other trendy pet accessories (sponsored or not), and whether or not the others are on social media promoting pet items, many of your fellow pet owners also swear by pet odor eliminator spray, pet anxiety beds, automatic cat or dog feeders, dog bed stairs, automatic cleaning litter box, and many, MANY more.

All in All…

Using dog talking buttons is an easy way for you to bond, train, and understand your pooch. Who doesn’t like the idea of finally being able to talk to their dog? You’d think it would take high-tech ways to develop a product for that, but apparently, communicating with your fluffy pal only takes a push of a button — literally!

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