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Tempest Digs Solange: Singer and songwriter Tempest told us about her Solange experience at Flog Gnaw.

Tempest: The best show that I’ve ever seen was the Solange set at Flog Gnaw 2017.

Feels like yesterday; I’ll never forget it. Everything was on cue. From the band to the dancers, everyone was wearing matching sets, the band dancing with the background singers, to the set design fitting the world that she brought us into.

She didn’t treat the festival like a “set”. In fact, she turned 45 minutes at a festival into the Solange show. It was mesmerizing and the first time I saw a show where I was able to see it as a listener and fan. Not as someone who’s also an artist and makes music.

It was artistry at its finest. You could tell that Solange was behind everything that she does. You could tell she didn’t miss a single rehearsal or a call about the creative. You can tell time was spent. You can tell she cares. You can tell she’s really ‘bout this shit. And most of all, you can tell she was having fun. Fun. FUN! Something that is becoming a lost art these days.

Solange got it. Always will.

Tempest Digs Solange: Tempest’s single “Agua” is out now.


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