That’s Hot! Paris Hilton Funds Digital Art by Women at LACMA

“This is the first acquisition fund Hilton has established for an art museum, as well as the first fund created at LACMA for digital art, and among the first to focus on art by women,” states the museum’s press release. “This new acquisition fund intends to support eclectic future-forward practices, including work with artificial intelligence, augmented reality, animation, multi-media installation, photography, performance, coding, sound, video,” and of course, NFTs — which Hilton has recently fallen in love with herself in a natural extension of her intertwined interests in headlines and pop art.

lacma paris hilton nft

Paris Hilton and Krista Kim in front of Kim’s Continuum: Los Angeles, 2022, .mp4 delivered as an NFT, 40:05 (photo by Stefanie Keenan for LACMA)