The Americans NFT are Launching Soon

The Americans NFT, a new upcoming collection on the Ethereum blockchain, gained thousands of followers within hours after making its first post on Twitter.

Americans NFT is a collection of 10k unique Americans inspired by the Cryptopunk pixelated design. The project is set to launch as a free mint,  with the mission statement to become the wealthiest community in the NFT space. In just a short amount of time, the project has received the likes of NFT educator Kevin Susanto (220.000 followers) and Internet superstar Mo vlogs (+10 million followers). 

What is this hype really about?

The project is the latest project to follow the trending “free-to-mint” train. Often times those free-to-mint projects are not backed by any additional utilities. The Americans NFT brought various incentives to the table. We will break them down below:

“Mint 3 & Get Airdropped” :

  • $TheAmericansToken
  • Senate DAO voting rights with Revenue share
  • Ownership of State Land 

Those utilities are yet to be fully explained by the creators of the project but reveal some of the “afterlife” developments. 

The project has announced that it’s giving away a Mutant Ape valued at $20.000, this fired up many potential investors and triggered the Twitter algorithms, and started pushing their content to many organic followers. In turn, they started promoting the channel and got the attention of various NFT key opinion leaders.  Nowadays, we live in an ecosystem where “degens” are running the market. Degens are young adults 16-25 who are flipping NFTs by getting in early and selling them for a profit on the secondary market. It happened to be that a good % of the “degens” are American natives. This collection positioned itself brilliantly and played into American patriotism. Further, there are many rumors that the project’s creators are also the creator of a well-known Blue Chip NFT  collections

For more info check out their Twitter page:


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