The Best Advice We Heard From Celebrities About Aging This Year

This year, plenty of celebrities gave us the scoop on their secrets to aging happily. From realizing that aging means more time with your loved ones to simply embracing the changes, these stars shared their thoughts on what it means to age gracefully. 

Maria Shriver Reminds Us That Aging Means More Time With Loved Ones

Maria Shriver
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Maria Shriver turned 66 this year, and she shared a personal essay about how she views the aging process. Shriver even wrote that turning 66 was the first birthday that “filled [her] with joy” since her 20s. 

She encouraged others to embrace growing older and to view aging as a gift, as well as reminding her readers that getting older means more time with the ones you love. Read more about Shriver’s thoughts on aging here

How Getting Older Boosted Maitland Ward’s Confidence

Maitland Ward
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Maitland Ward has been acting for years, but when roles started to become few and far between, she turned to the adult film industry. The actress shared that when she was younger, she struggled with her body image. 

In an interview with Suggest, Ward spoke about how she has become more confident in her body as she’s gotten older. Read more about her comments on having fun and feeling confident after 40 here

Jamie Lee Curtis’ One Tip For Aging Gracefully

Jamie Lee Curtis
(Ovidiu Hrubaru/

Jamie Lee Curtis skyrocketed to fame at 19 with her starring role in Halloween and has remained in the public eye ever since. The actress has continued taking on new and interesting roles, and has garnered more critical acclaim as she’s gotten older. 

Curtis shared that getting older has given her more opportunities to act, direct, and produce. The actress also revealed the tip she gave her daughters about changing their appearances as they age. Read more about Curtis’ one bit of aging advice here.

How One Former Supermodel Views Aging

Paulina Porizkova
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Former supermodel Paulina Porizkova has recently become an outspoken advocate for aging gracefully. She frequently shares her thoughts on aging and the different methods women use to “fix” their appearances. 

One post saw Porizkova reflecting on how some women choose to pursue cosmetic surgeries and other procedures, while others prefer to let the changes come. Read more about Porizkova’s thoughts on how women face aging here.

From increased confidence to embracing changes that don’t need to be “fixed,” these stars have revealed their advice for the best ways to gladly get older.

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