The Best Way To Clean Your Grill Is Simply Using An Onion


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We can all rejoice that backyard grilling season is in full swing once again! It doesn’t matter if you think charcoal or gas is the superior grill (ahem, it’s obviously charcoal), we’re all probably grilling the same fare.

And, we’re ready for all the burgers, brats, and grilled veggies that we can handle.

However, prepping for your next BBQ involves a little more than scraping off the black bits with a grill brush or spraying down the grates with unneeded chemicals. For the best cleaning that can also elevate your cooking, this one simple technique will easily become your new go-to.

All You Need Is An Onion And A Grilling Fork

There are some definite no-nos when it comes to cleaning your grill. Water is the enemy of cast iron, so if you’re using a grill with a cast iron grate, avoid using water to clean it. Otherwise, you may have a side of rust with your steak. Eww!

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Another potential hazardous way to clean your grill involves using wire brushes to clean the grates. These wire brushes tend to break off, leaving dangerous bristles that can get stuck in the food you grill.

Some doctors warn against using these brushes as they’ve seen the damage firsthand. If swallowed, these bristles can cause injury to the mouth or gums, or cause more serious injuries internally. So, it’s probably best to avoid using metal brushes when cleaning.

If you also want to avoid using toxic heavy-duty cleaners on your grill, this hack could be for you. All you need is a halved white onion and a long grilling fork. Using a peeled onion is the perfect natural way to clean any stuck-on debris.

Onions even have antibacterial properties thanks to their flavonoids and polyphenols. Plus they add some flavor to your grill.

When you finish grilling, just grab a grilling fork and pierce half of an onion. Then, rub the onion cut-side down on the hot grill until all the stuck-on debris comes off.

For stubborn spots, a natural acidic like white vinegar or lemon juice can be added to aid in the process.

To keep cast iron griddles working their best, make sure to season them regularly too. Seasoning it will keep food from sticking in the first place.

But definitely use this hack to ensure that next time you use your grill it’ll be ready to go!

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