The Democratization Of Art – How Digital Galleries Like The ARTLAB Are Levelling The Playing Field


When it comes to art, there is a misconception that it is only for the wealthy. This is not the case at all. In fact, there are many affordable and accessible art options available. For example, one can find inexpensive art at local art shows and galleries. Many online art galleries sell art for reasonable prices.

Affordable art is artwork that is priced within reach of the average person. While the definition of affordable art can vary depending on who you ask, typically, artwork considered to be affordable is priced between $100 and $5,000.

There are several reasons why someone might want to buy affordable art. For some, it’s a way to start collecting art without breaking the bank. For others, it’s a way to support up-and-coming artists whose work they admire. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that affordable art has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Artists: RizRizRizz, Reif Myers, Joca Torres

Can Original Art be Affordable?

Original art is a piece of art that an artist creates and is usually one-of-a-kind. This type of art can be costly, but there are ways to purchase affordable original art. Original art can be affordable, depending on the artist and the type of art. Many emerging artists or artists who are just starting out may offer their work at more affordable prices, as they are still building their careers and trying to reach a wider audience. Additionally, some artists may offer smaller or less complex works at lower prices, or may offer prints or reproductions of their work at more affordable prices.

Traditionally, artists were difficult to find but digital galleries like The ARTLAB are now bringing emerging talent to the forefront but providing them with an online platform and promoting their work globally giving their voice the reach it deserves.  Before the launch of digital galleries, if an artist wanted to reach a global audience, they would have to sign with an art gallery and hope that the gallery would promote their work in other countries. However, with the help of galleries like The ARTLAB, the internet has enabled artists to promote their work and reach a much wider audience.

This is especially beneficial for independent artists who don’t have the backing of a gallery. The ARTLAB has levelled the playing field and given them a much better chance of reaching a global audience.  Emerging artists are able to show their work to a greater audience.  Consumers are provided access to more affordable pieces.

Artists: Cedric Bourre, Jenny Perez, Marco Michelini MYFO

The ARTLAB – Levelling the playing field.

Digital art galleries are becoming increasingly popular as they provide an accessible platform for artists to showcase their work globally. Galleries like The ARTLAB allow artists to reach a wider audience and sell their work without going through a traditional gallery. This provides an excellent opportunity for artists to get their work seen by more people and to make a living from their art. Some galleries like The Artlab not only distribute artists’ work but also provide commercial mentorship and production facilities. Furthermore, the digital gallery emphasises storytelling, allowing consumers a glimpse into the artists’ world and the creative rationale of their pieces. This means artists need only to focus on the creative process and producing unique pieces. The digital galleries take care of the production, marketing and distribution. This means that consumers can now buy recreated pieces approved and endorsed by the artists—making the art affordable to the consumer and providing artists with a greater reach and source of income. The Artlab is a game changer for the industry where many artists previously needed day jobs to sustain themselves. Now, these artists are provided with consistent income. Founder Vincenzo Martorana Genuardi says, “my family has been in the art industry for many generations. My father owned a traditional art gallery. I met many talented artists who struggled to get their work seen. They didn’t have the expertise, connections or financial means to show their work. I was adamant on changing that. Our goal at The Artlab is clear: we support the artist and promote the art. We help our artists tell their stories and sell their work.”

Like the music industry, the art industry is evolving as it rides the digital wave. Just like Spotify changed how people listen to music, digital galleries like The Artlab will change how we consume art.

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