The Exercises Tim McGraw Avoids Following Surgeries, Health Difficulties

Tim McGraw is in excellent shape, and he frequently shows off his workout routines in Instagram videos. However, the country star has had to make some changes to his exercise habits after various surgeries, giving up one of his favorite fitness activities. 

The Exercise McGraw Can’t Do Anymore

While talking to Audacy’s Rob and Holly, McGraw revealed that, while he still works out regularly, there is one activity he can’t do anymore. “I’ve had two knee surgeries and I’ve broken my right foot three times and I’ve had elbow surgery,” he explained. 

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“I can’t run anymore, that’s what I really miss,” McGraw continued. “I used to run a lot but now I really can’t so that’s out of my routine.” The singer’s multiple injuries has led to a lot of recovery experience, and McGraw had some advice for those who are in the same position. 

“You’ve got to do your physical therapy, you’ve got to listen to your doctor,” he emphasized. While McGraw’s workout habits are now part of his daily life, the country singer revealed the reason why he started taking his fitness seriously. 

What Made McGraw Start Taking Fitness Seriously?

14 years ago, McGraw was weighing in at around 215 pounds. He knew he had to make some changes when his daughter Gracie told him he looked “big on screen” when he appeared in the 2008 holiday movie Four Christmases

After that, the artist decided to banish burgers and beer from his diet, as well as work out regularly. Now, McGraw is in better shape than ever. In 2019, he even opened his own gym, TRUMAV, in his native Nashville. 

“I don’t really get tired of training,” he explained. “There’s such a feeling of accomplishment that comes from the feeling of being my age and still being at the top of my game.” McGraw shares photos and videos of his workout routines on Instagram, even sharing tips with fans. 

McGraw: ‘You Can’t Out Train A Bad Diet’

The country singer has also partnered with ButcherBox, a meat delivery subscription that offers grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood. “You can’t out train a bad diet,” McGraw captioned a photo of himself working out. “Thanx @butcher_box for being a part of the #McgrawTour2022 mobile gym.”

While McGraw can’t make running part of his everyday workout routine anymore, it’s clear the country star has found plenty of other activities to fill his time and keep him in tip-top shape.

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