The Famous Friend Courtney Love Says Helped Her Live Cleaner


Some recent Instagram posts have revealed a Hollywood friendship that many were not aware of before now. An Instagram post from Paris Fashion Week gave Love the perfect opportunity to show Gwyneth Paltrow some love for helping her live healthier. 

Love Reveals A 10-Year Friendship With Gwyneth Paltrow

Love posted some pictures of herself attending a Dior event for Paris Fashion Week. Fans and friends commented on the star’s glam look, including Paltrow. The actress wrote, “Um, excuse me looking GORGE,” with a red heart emoji. 

Love responded with a lengthy message about the pair’s friendship, which many were unaware of until now. “10 years ago you told me to buck up. To take control of my appearance. To do me & stop reading things about myself. I finally HEARD you,” the rocker wrote. 

“FURTHER,” she continued. “I was about to write you privately, but i want people to know. Where I’m staying, due to YOUR influence, they are taking my health & allergies seriously, they even added your PANCAKES ! to the menu! Hopefully our insane European & [American] dependence / addiction, to dairy, will start to abate. You are such a force for good in the world … (Hey .. it was the dairy. The titanium. Or the ozempic that almost killed me, or a sick triad of all [3] in the first place) I love you.”

This isn’t the first time Love and Paltrow have shown each other love on social media. In 2012, the pair rang in the New Year together and Love posted a picture of the friends celebrating. She has also mentioned Paltrow and her advice in previous interviews.

Love’s Latest Appearance: ‘I Don’t Want To Be Around Rich People’

Love might need to lean on Paltrow’s friendship as she weathers her current social media backlash. The controversy started with a video posted by i-D from Paris Fashion Week. In the clip, Love urged viewers to stay offline because it would affect their ability to get jobs and said she was looking forward to getting away from the Fashion Week crowds, saying, “I don’t want to be around rich people.” 

The comments section soon filled with people pointing out that Love frequently posts on various social media platforms and that, as a wealthy, world-famous rockstar attending Paris Fashion Week, she is one of those rich people. 

Love has responded to the criticism, saying her responses were taken out of context and she didn’t mean to cause any offense. As the singer works to move past this social media storm, it’s good to know she has a true friend like Paltrow to go to when things get tough!


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