The FOREO UFO 2 Is Worth The Price Tag—My Skin Has Never Been Happier

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There’s no dearth of skincare devices on the market, each with its specific technologies and functions—the options can be overwhelming.

So I’m very excited to share that I’ve found a single tool that has it all: the FOREO UFO 2. This supercharged facial treatment device includes the entire spectrum of LED, thermo and cryotherapy, T- sonic pulsations, plus masking (one of my favorite parts). 

All that, and the FOREO UFO 2 gets the job done in two minutes or less. 

The most striking benefit I noticed after using the UFO 2 with FOREO’s Make My Day Power Activated Mask was the incredible hydration. My face also felt and looked lifted, and my skin was super soft. My makeup went on beautifully afterward.

Don’t just take it from me: Third-party clinical trials showed that the FOREO UFO 2 provided immediate and long-lasting hydration, increasing moisture levels by 126% following a two-minute treatment—and it lasted for up to 6 hours 

That lifted feeling I experienced comes from FOREO’s T-Sonic massage (more on that below). In third-party consumer testing, users reported visible results after just one use. 

Users in third-party consumer trials also reported the same softness I experienced—78% said they noticed softer skin and said their skin looked more supple and was perfectly primed for makeup. 

Four Technologies In One Device

As I mentioned before, the UFO 2 incorporates four technologies in one package (mine is black and gold—super chic). The therapies include thermo-therapy, cryotherapy, LED light therapy, and T-Sonic massage. Here’s the breakdown of how they each work to make your skin feel as smooth as glass. 

1. Thermo-Therapy

Now that the weather is getting chillier, I found the gentle heat delivered by the UFO 2 to be so comforting. Besides feeling really lovely, the gentle heat increases blood flow in the skin, which facilitates the delivery of oxygen and nutrients through blood vessels. FOREO said this process helps regrow damaged tissue, stimulates fibroblasts, and encourages lymphatic drainage.

What that means for your face is more radiance, deeper absorption of mask ingredients, relaxation of the face and neck muscles, and it even loosens sebum on the skin’s surface.

2. Cryotherapy

Cold temperatures can also be healing and rejuvenating, and that’s where the cryotherapy function comes in. Cold causes the blood vessels to contract and tighten. When the blood vessels return to normal, circulation is improved. Cryofacials can stimulate collagen production, and the more collagen you have, the more elasticity you have.

After using the cool setting on the UFO 2, my skin felt less puffy, less red, a bit lifted, and more radiant overall.

editor Kristen Philipkoski tests the FOREO UFO 2
(Kristen Philipkoski)

3. LED Light Therapy

Using different light wavelengths was originally developed by NASA to grow plants on shuttle missions. It later showed utility in wound healing, and now aestheticians use it to regenerate skin, treat acne, and many other applications. The device produces every type of LED light, and each one has its own unique benefits.

For example, red light stimulates collagen production, blue light mitigates inflamed acne, and green light helps with dark circles. You get to choose your own adventure (or use one of the FOREO app treatment programs, see below).

4. T-Sonic Massage

This is FOREO’s signature massage technology, and it’s featured in every one of their skincare devices. The “T” stands for transdermal because the gentle pulsations travel through the outer layer of the skin. This improves blood flow and relaxes the face and neck muscles. It also temporarily dilates pores, so the active ingredients in your skincare can penetrate through the outer layer of the skin without clogging pores. 

Like FOREO’S BEAR device, you can sync your UFO 2 with the FOREO app to access a variety of treatment routines that match whatever masks you’re using.

You can also use the app with your own masks to fully customize your supercharged two-minute facial. So whether you’re puffy, red, or tired on any given day, there’s a mask and treatment routine combination just right for you.

(Note: The UFO 2’s Advanced Temperature Control allows you to use the device with some sheet masks and other products, but always verify how heat or cold might affect any non-FOREO mask.)

The UFO 2 Is Non-Negotiable In My Skincare Routine

The UFO 2 has become an essential part of my morning routine, and the beauty of it is that I can adjust the treatment to whatever unpredictable thing is happening with my skin that day. 

And on nights when I have the energy to do more than collapse into bed, I’ve been experimenting with the Call It a Night Power Activated Mask. It contains ginseng and olive oil to tone, rejuvenate, nourish, and soften—and what a luxurious way to get ready for bed!

All UFO Power Activated Masks are developed and sourced in Korea, the center of the beauty world. They’re made of ultra-soft microfiber and drenched with skincare goodies. You can choose a wide variety of masks packed with natural ingredients including manuka honey, green tea, Bulgarian rose, cannabis seed oil, and so many more.

For approximately the price of one visit to the aesthetician, you can bring the spa to your home, plus tailor your treatment to your needs. It turns what is typically a 20-minute mask routine into a 90-second treat, which can save you more than five days in a year.

All things considered, I’d say the UFO 2 pays for itself after the very first use—especially since FOREO is currently running a Black Friday presale! You can get in on the savings in November—don’t miss out!

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