The Heat Check: Hall of Flowers

We traveled to Hall of Flowers in Santa Rosa to see California’s finest legal cannabis of the moment.

As always we asked the industry’s best what they had in their pockets and at their booths.

The Foxworthy Farms team had some great Chem on display.

Xotic Flavors was one of many that drove down from Humboldt to show off their flowers.

North South Distro’s variety of flavors was solid.

The Emerald Cup Champions Fig Farms showed off their new packaging.

UpNorth’s Hippie Crasher was an excellent offering.

Blunts rolled by Weavers are always one of the stars of the show.

Big Chief’s Infused Pop Rocks were one of our favorite discoveries this year.

Arcata Fire’s Banana Punch was certainly one of the best concentrates at Hall of Flowers.

Joey Diaz’s Laughing Gas lineup continues to shine in the Mylar wars.

Wave Rider Nursery’s Pink Certz was a great representation of one of the year’s hot new strains.

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