The Hidden Reason Kate Middleton Carries Her Bag In Her Left Hand


Kate Middleton is known all over the world for her fashion sense. People love studying her outfits, from ballgowns to accessories. Some eagle-eyed fans have even noticed something about her handbags: why does the duchess always hold her purse in her left hand?

Why The Royals Hold Bags In Their Left Hands

From casual meet-and-greets to movie premieres, Middleton almost always holds her bag in her left hand, despite being right-handed. She isn’t the only royal who does this; Middleton’s sister-in-law Meghan Markle also typically carries her purse in her left hand, as did the late Princess Diana. Prince Charles also usually carries his briefcase in his left hand. 

So, why do the royals favor one hand over the other? According to Myka Meier, an etiquette expert who was trained by a former member of Queen Elizabeth’s household, this is all because of royal protocol. 

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This protocol dictates that all members of the royal family should hold bags in their left hands, from clutches, to handbags, to briefcases. “Royal Etiquette Hack,” Meier explained. “When entering a room or event, handbags or briefcases are held in the LEFT hand so that your right hand stays open to meet, greet and shake hands! Prince Charles does this too!”

More Royal Rules, From How To Drink Tea, To How To Sit

This isn’t the only tiny detail royals have to think about when making public appearances. Meier listed off a few more rules and regulations that the family have to follow, including a specific way to hold their heads. 

Meier claimed that members of the royal family are always expected to hold their chins parallel to the ground. Hold your chin too high and you might look haughty; hold it too low, and people might think you lack confidence. Markle was accused of breaking this rule many times during her tenure as a working royal. 

Fashion and posture aren’t the only things that the royal family have to think about. According to Meier, there are rules on how to stir a cup of tea, how to rest a knife and fork on your plate, and even how to sit. 

According to Meier, members of the royal family are not allowed to use the armrests on chairs because they make you slouch. For female members of the royal family, legs are typically crossed at the ankles or the knees and slanted to the side, with hands resting in their laps. From how they position their chins to how they hold their bags, members of the royal family have to think about a million different things when they’re out and about.

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