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The Maimon Group is setting the standard in short term luxury accommodations and has the largest exclusive portfolio of luxury short term properties in Los Angeles. More than just a slogan or a mantra, the company’s driving force in everything they do is to create “Inspired Experiences” for each and every one of their guests. The journey of Founder and President Tal Maimon is, in and of itself, quite an inspired experience.

Tal was born and raised in Israel and after completing his military service in The Israeli Navy at the age of 23 he came to America with a dream to accomplish something special. While getting his footing in the City of Angels he started working as a waiter. His work ethic and ability to connect with people could have lead to a successful career in the restaurant business, but Tal was drawn to real estate and construction. Possibly due to a familiarity with his father being in the construction business and being exposed as a child to the endless possibilities that industry offers. He started working in construction with no formal education in the industry, making connections, forming relationships, learning and expanding his understanding. But the beating pulse of the Los Angeles nightlife driving the expanding need for luxury hospitality services was calling.

Like most success stories, it begins with the courage of an entrepreneurial spirit who sees a need and envisions a way to fulfill that need better than anyone else.  In 2017 the short term luxury rental industry was a fledgling business model. There were several luxury short term property management companies in Los Angeles, but Tal quickly recognized a way to do it better. Instead of simply providing a pretty house for the traveler to sleep in, he visualized creating an entire experience for the guest. What if, from the moment a guest inquired about accommodations they were welcomed into the experience of an entire team dedicated to  making their stay everything it can be and more? A team committed to placing them in the perfect property for their needs, guiding them effortlessly through their arrival where everything is meticulously prepared to perfection, offering all of the luxury concierge services they could dream of such as luxury cars, private planes, chef services and much much more? What if the guests were treated like family from inquiry through their departure culminating in an overall experience and not just an accommodation, leaving them with a memory of an amazing “Inspired Experience” from start to finish? But the vision didn’t stop with the guest experience, Tal also saw a better way to serve the owners of these properties. What if we could guide an owner to maximize their properties’ potential by creating a standard of luxury and turning their home into a 5 star hotel state of readiness? What if we could even help someone acquire the perfect property or take them from new construction to luxury rental readiness with precision?

Driven by this vision of what the luxury short term vacation rental business could be, Tal acquired his first property and began to assemble a team around him that shared this commitment to excellence, and The Maimon Group was born. Since that first property in 2017 Tal has acquired one property at a time, learning from mistakes and meticulously building a portfolio of luxury properties. Tal and The Maimon Group have not only persevered some of the most challenging economic times, but actually grew and gained marketshare. Tal said “the challenges and setbacks along the way only serve as inspiration to improve, to make fewer and fewer mistakes as we perfect our business model, always adapting and getting better”. Tal has lead The Maimon Group to dominate the Los Angeles market and become the standard for luxury short term travel by not only providing “Inspired Experiences” for the guests, but maximizing revenue for owners and continuing to exceed market performance. Tal expanded into event hosting and TV and Film locations at these highly sought after properties further increasing profits for his owners.

But what makes this entrepreneur different is that instead of driving others down, he wants to partner and grow together with other luxury property managers. As such he committed significant resources into a proprietary software platform that encourages luxury property managers to work together, to grow together by sharing each other’s resources and not competing against each other. This platform is called LPMS and will surely be an industry disrupter as Tal and The Maimon Group continue to find new ways to create “Inspired Experiences” not only for their for guests, but for owners and other luxury property managers as well.

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