The Men Who Served As Pallbearers For Queen Elizabeth Are Not Merely Ceremonial Soldiers 

People all over the United Kingdom are praising the men who served as pallbearers at Queen Elizabeth’s recent funeral. While some of the soldiers who took part in the event were ceremonial, these men are actually active soldiers. 

Five Pallbearers Traveled From Iraq

The eight soldiers chosen to carry the queen’s coffin are from the 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards. Five out of eight of the group were serving in Iraq at the time of Queen Elizabeth’s death and had to fly back for the funeral. 

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The pallbearers, led by Company Sergeant Major Dean Jones, carried Queen Elizabeth’s casket out of Westminster Hall and placed it on a carriage that transported it to Westminster Abbey. The pallbearers then carried it up the aisle of the church for the queen’s funeral service. 

However, the most difficult part of the job didn’t come until later. After the service at Westminster Abbey, the soldiers carried the coffin to a hearse that took it to Windsor. Then, the pallbearers had to carry the 500lb, lead-lined coffin up the steps of St. George’s Chapel. 

British Politician Commends Pallbearers For ‘Flawless’ Work

The group’s seemingly effortless performance as pallbearers earned them praise from celebrities and average citizens alike. Actor Stephen Fry tweeted, “Bearer Party, to the pub – quick march. Bearer Party, lift tankard. Bearer Party, down beer. You’ve earned it.”

Member of Parliament Carla Lockhart wrote, “Amidst the pageantry and occasion 8 young men silently went about their duty. The weight of the world on their shoulders, the glare of the world on them, but they were flawless. They did themselves, their families, and our country proud. Thank you.”

UK Citizens’ Reactions: ‘I Am In Awe Of The Pallbearers’

Another admirer tweeted, “The parents of those young Pallbearers carrying the Queens coffin this morning must be immensely proud. Possibly the first coffin they have ever carried, they must be so nervous but doing an amazing job as with all those young men in uniform there today.”

“I am in awe of the pallbearers,” someone else wrote. “The Queens casket weighs between 550 & 700 lbs. They have carried & walked with her carefully & without fault throughout the day. Anyone else hold their breath up those steps?”

The pallbearers’ actions at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral impressed people around the UK and the rest of the world, earning them praise for doing their duty on this momentous occasion.

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