The Online Shopping Hack To Find The Comfiest Walking Shoes On The Planet


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Buying new kicks isn’t easy, especially when shopping online. It isn’t until your sneakers actually hit the ground and cover some distance that you know whether they’re the right shoe for you.

Everyone has a few tips and tricks when it comes to online shopping. Whether it’s sticking to your go-to brands, learning how to expertly sleuth comments, or having a community you trust for feedback are all smart strategies.  

Regarding shoes, in particular, one Suggest editor thinks she’s cracked the code when it comes to finding the best pair of walking shoes. And on her latest shopping endeavor, she was more successful than ever before!

Our Editor-Approved Shoe-Finding Trick

There’s no shortage of footwear reviews on retailer sites. Sure, we’ve all scoured them to get the deets on our potential buys, but what if there was a better way to get the scoop? 

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Our editor’s tried-and-true way to shop for walking shoes involves turning to the popular online community Reddit. In particular, she has found the shoe advice gold mine lies in subreddits concerning Disney parks. Aside from their obsession with the Mouse, Disney visitors also know their stuff when it comes to comfy, durable footwear.

There’s no better place to test footwear than an amusement park, especially Disney World. Walking seven to 10 miles a day in the Florida heat is common for guests, so if your shoes suck, your feet will let you know.

And The Winner Is…

According to Disney Park enthusiasts, your ideal vacation at the most magical place on earth begins with a pair of Adidas Ultraboost 5.0 DNA shoes. One user commented, “It’s like Ultraboosts were made for Disney trips.” 

With its responsive BOOST™ cushioning, this fan-favorite was originally designed for runners, but its sock-like fit, support, and flexibility make it a holy grail of comfort for anyone who moves.

Another Reddit user said, “I have lower back issues and walked an average of 11 miles a day while on a 7 day Disney trip in January 2020. My feet, legs, and back did not hurt once during the trip.” 

While Adidas Ultraboosts were the top pick for all-day comfort, Allbirds Wool Runners were a close second. Many users swear by Allbirds to keep their feet happy at the parks.

“I was in the park for 5 days earlier this month and my feet had no blisters and felt great,” one Redditor wrote. “My two friends I was with also wore Allbirds and said the same.”

Similar to the Ultraboosts, Allbirds also have a lightweight foam sole. Additionally, the Allbirds Wool Runners feature Merino wool fabric, which adds to their signature “walking on a cloud” feel. These breathable, lightweight, supportive kicks will help you get where you need to go without a stitch of discomfort.

As for socks, Reddit users recommended pairing your sneakers with a comfortable pair of Balegas

Balega delivers on comfort by using plush cushioning to keep your feet protected every step of the way (literally). Plus, Balega’s proprietary Drynamix fabric is moisture-wicking, keeping your feet dry throughout the day. Best of all, the no-show style provides mega comfort without any added bulk.

Our editor personally purchased a pair of Ultraboosts and has raved about their incredible comfort. As someone who regularly enjoys long walks (and the occasional amusement park), she found that the Ultraboosts are perfectly suited for her needs. Now excuse us while we go grab a pair of our own!

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