The Paranoias Recall Postal Service


We head inside, get two beers each, and start walking up the stairs. As we’re about to sit, I hear “Ay Ralf,” with a wave from his arm to come down the stairs. We head down. We go to the backstage room… “Hey, these guys are with me.” We get backstage passes and general admission tix. He walks us up to the GA section, double fisting beers the whole time.

The concert starts… I instantly realize all the GA ticket holders are hipsters. They dont sing a single song. They were just there for the hype. The show is awesome, towards the tail end, they play “Natural Anthem” which is the last song on their record. I know every word. I sing the song like it was written for me. Last line of the verse comes up and Ben Gibbard notices me singing every line and gives me a high five in front of everyone… I cried. This show was filmed…. And the boring hipsters made them choose the night one footage. But it was my favorite concert.
































































































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