The Rumored Reason Behind Meghan Markle’s Apparent Feud With Katy Perry Last Year

Was Meghan Markle feuding with Katy Perry last year? According to one tabloid, the famous neighbors couldn’t stand each other. Here’s what we know about their alleged bust-up.

Was Meghan Markle ‘At War’ With Katy Perry?

Twelve months ago, Woman’s Day reports Meghan Markle wasn’t a fan of her new neighbor, pop star Katy Perry. Apparently, Prince Harry quickly struck up a friendship with Perry’s fiance Orlando Bloom, but she and Markle just didn’t hit it off. And when Bloom lent his voice to the British royal parody The Prince, actually voicing Prince Harry himself, Markle drew the line.

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“Meghan gets that it’s comedy but she says she can’t accept one of Harry’s friends mocking him like that,” an insider dishes. “At first Harry found it funny, but what Meghan says, goes.” Apparently, Markle was so upset that she was looking for a way to cut Bloom and Perry out of their social group completely. And sources said Markle never forgot an old comment from Perry about Markle’s wedding dress needing ‘one more fitting,’ only making their feud more volatile.

Markle ‘Put Her Foot Down’ In Feud?

There wasn’t a shred of evidence to support this feud story. On the contrary, it didn’t seem like Markle and Perry knew each other well enough to not like each other. Orlando Bloom insisted that he had never met Prince Harry when he joined The Prince. And when he did finally meet his neighbor, he called the duke “so nice.” While they certainly seem polite, we wouldn’t say that makes them besties.

Furthermore, the magazine purposefully omitted Perry’s many compliments toward Markle. After very gently critiquing the fit of Markle’s dress, she insisted that she adored the duchess. “It’s amazing what she’s doing with all this, her humanitarian efforts,” Perry told ET back in 2018, “The fact that she’s a proud feminist, I love all that. I support her as another woman and love her and wish them both well.”

So, after considering these key factors, it doesn’t seem like the tabloid’s feud story is really possible. And since there haven’t been any updates about Perry and Markle’s relationship—positive, negative, or neutral—in the past year, it’s clear that this alleged feud was just a wild goose.

The Tabloid On Meghan Markle

Of course, we know better than to trust Woman’s Day anywhere the Duchess of Sussex is concerned. Earlier this year, the outlet claimed Markle and Harry were going on a make-or-break vacation. Then the magazine reported Harry and Markle were planning a second tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey. And more recently, the publication shared speculation that Harry and Markle’s marriage was coming to a crashing end. Obviously, Woman’s Day isn’t an authority on Meghan Markle’s personal life.

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