The Simple Solution To Keep Mosquitoes From Eating You Alive

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We all know how the story goes. You’re outside, enjoying the backyard barbecue, and having so much fun. But then, dusk arrives. Undoubtedly, at least one person in the group will get eaten alive by mosquitoes while some will be mostly safe from the blood-thirsty little jerks. In my family, my husband is relatively unfazed, but my daughter and I get attacked relentlessly. It’s annoying, frustrating, and itchy. And we have to go inside long before we want.  

We’ve tried just about everything. After exhausting several different remedies—bug sprays, essential oils, and citronella, we had all but given up hope. Because, sadly, these do next to nothing to curb the female mosquito’s appetite. We even had our yard sprayed with insecticides by professionals last year. But, this year I’d like to avoid adding unnecessary chemicals to our backyard.

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Recently, we learned of a technique that can help deter mosquitoes and we’re so embarrassed we didn’t think of it before.

Dine Al Fresco Without Being The Main Course

Fogging or spraying your backyard may kill mosquitoes (and other insects), but only temporarily. Citronella candles might add some ambiance to the outdoor setting, but, according to a 2017 study, that’s about all they will do. And DEET has some concerning side effects. Irritation, redness, rash, and swelling are all common side effects of the common ingredient found in bug spray.

The solution is surprisingly simple. According to The American Mosquito Control Association, adding a large fan to your outside areas could provide some relief. It’s definitely a low-tech solution to such a common problem.

The Simple Solution

If you’re observant, you’ve likely noticed you don’t have as many mosquito bites after a windy day. Because mosquitoes are relatively weak fliers, they can’t fly in the gust of the wind or the gust of a fan. Especially if the gust is over 10 mph. A 2003 study found that fan-powered wind was a practical way to protect humans and animals from mosquitoes.

Whatever fan you choose to use, make sure to unplug and take it inside after use. Below are some of our favorite fans. Some have an added misting feature, some are mountable, and others oscillate. Some are high-velocity fans with added LED lights. But, all of them will help keep you cool, while also keeping the mosquitoes at bay. And, now I’m definitely adding some of these to my cart.

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